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You Can Subscribe…

Following a suggestion from one of our readers James, we have added a ‘subscribe’ facility to onlineFOCUS. If you complete the little form at the bottom of the screen, you will get email notifications whenever we post something new. (The software also allows us to send you an email newsletter, but this is not something we plan to do)

Now Tory Councils Tell George Osborne “No More Cuts To Local Government”

britain from space

  From the Guardian: Tory council leaders across England and Wales have presented a united front with Labour and Lib Dem-run local authorities as they warn the chancellor, George Osborne, that another round of funding cuts would devastate local services and harm the most vulnerable in society.. In a letter to the Observer, council bosses representing every type of local…
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Something Curious In The Agenda

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  The District Council has its first Full Council Meeting of the civic year next Tuesday at 7:30. You can find the agenda here. This is where the new chair of the council , chairs of committees, and cabinet members are appointed. Also each May each councillor has to sign a piece of paper to say which group they are…
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Operation Bluenose

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The Police and Crime Commissioner’s website has a piece here on “Operation Bluenose” – a three-day crackdown on anti-social cyclists in Southend: Residents said they had cause to make regular complaints about cyclists flouting the law by riding on pavements in Westcliff, Southend High Street and the seafront. They asked for police action to address the issue and feared a…
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Time For Some Spring Cleaning

Now the elections are over , maybe it’s time to give the onlineFOCUS website a bit of a spring clean. We can add some features that people would like, and remove some features that aren’t being used. So any suggestions would be welcome over the next week or so! In particular , does everyone view the basic onlineFOCUS background: Or…
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