“As I stood next to one of the Lib Dem councillors I would have done anything to give 50 of my votes to the Lib Dems to make sure the Conservative party didn’t get the seat.”

lib dem rosette

Jon Tolley runs a record business, Banquet Records in Kingston Upon Thames. The kind of inspirational business person that towns need. He recently won a by-election to become a Lib Dem councillor. His story is a bit unusual and you can find it here. Here’s a few extracts: …A friend, Charlotte, made a petition to stop the cancellation of the…
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“Getting stuff done as a ward councillor can be a marathon not a sprint. “

A Labour Councillor in Hackney. Luke Akehurst,  is stepping down after 12 years, and has written ten things he’s learned in his time in local government. Putting party differences aside for the moment, there are some useful things for candidates from any party , especially the last five: 6) Getting stuff done as a ward councillor can be a marathon…
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Rare Colour Film Of London In 1927

Here’s some intriguing colour film of London in 1927: You can find out more about this footage here. Claude Friese-Greene, one of the earliest British pioneers of film, filmed a series of short clips around London documenting major attractions of the city nearly 90 years ago, specifically in 1927, using a primitive color process developed by his father William Friese-Greene…..It’s…
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Can Window-Dressing Be More Than Just … Window-Dressing?

Some shops in our district make a big effort with their window displays. but the very term ‘window dressing’ has come to mean something like “A superficial or actually misleading presentation of something “. Can good window displays actually make a difference to a shopping centre? The Guardian has an article today on a window-dressing project in Willesden: The Real…
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