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Two Applications Recommended For Refusal

On this week’s ‘yellow list’ of planning applications, there are two proposals recommended for refusal – if no councillor calls them in, they will be officially refused at Wednesday lunchtime.

The first is to subdivide a garden in 16 Morrins Close ,Wakering and build a house there. But it is in flood zone 3 – the zone at most at risk from flooding. For this reason officers recommend refusal – plus there is no on-site parking, and would also cause overshadowing.

The second is more unusual. It is a retrospective application to  allow a wooden outbuilding already built within the grounds of St Andrews Church in Rochford. Offices recommend refusal as follows:

The outbuilding is an unattractive addition which would be unduly obtrusive and cause harm to the setting of a designated heritage asset,
the Grade II * Listed St Andrews Church particularly given the proposed siting to the north which would detract from the way in which
the church is viewed and experienced. There is no public benefit that would outweigh the harm. The outbuilding would also not make a
 positive contribution to the character and appearance of the Rochford Conservation Area


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A Curious Situation In Wakering

From the Mad Man Wth A Blog (who is a Labour chap) :

“…..Whilst picking over the statement of nominated candidates for Rochford District, a familiar name jumped out at me. With the ward boundaries having been withdrawn, the district next door to Southend is electing all of its councillors at once.

And one of those on the ballot paper as a Conservative candidate is Anne Holland. And yes, that is the same Cllr Anne Holland who currently represents Southchurch on Southend Borough Council and is the deputy leader of the Conservative Group.


Now, I’ve mentioned Cllr Holland before, in the context of the Conservatives’ tendency to have ‘non-doms‘ amongst their councillors, who sit on the council and vote on measures such as the council tax, but live outside the borough so don’t have to pay the rates they set.

Being an elected representative in two different local authorities is quite another matter, though.

The first election that I fought was a by-election back in 2011, triggered by my own local councillor at that point winning election in the neighbouring borough and resigning. I’ve been looking over electoral law, and should Cllr Holland win in Foulness & the Wakerings, then she would be legally able to remain as a member of both councils, no matter how absurd it seems…”



Congratulations To Barbara Wilkins BEM !

District Councillor Barbara Wilkins has been awarded the British Empire Medal in the latest New Year’s Honours List – not for her council work, but for services to education :

Mrs Wilkins is regarded with affection in the council, not least for extolling the virtues of Great Wakering whenever possible! But she has also been an enthusiastic advocate for pre-school education for a long time.

"Medaille B.E.M. met Brittania" by Robert Prummel - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons - “Medaille B.E.M. met Brittania” by Robert Prummel – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons –

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More On Streetlighting

It seems that there is a delay in faulty streetlights being inspected, due to long-term illness, for which we can only sympathise with the person(s) concerned. However the County Council do need to raise their game on this!

By special request, here are a  couple more maps to show the situation in most of Rawreth, Hullbridge and the Wakerings. Green circles are OK, brown circles are known to have a fault – and as you can see, there are a lot of brown circles in Rawreth:


streetlightproblems3 streetlightproblems4

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Great Wakering Villager Of The Year

From the Great Wakering Parish Council website this week:

Nominations Open for Villager of the Year Competition

04/08/2015Great Wakering Villager of the Year Competition now open for nominations.

Closing date noon 12th October 2015. Nominations to be received at the Parish Council Office.

Proposer and nominee must be a resident of Great Wakering.

Proposals a maximum of 150 words.

Nominee must not be politically active or a member of the Parish Council.

For further information please contact the Clerk.




RDC picture - Church on Foulness

A Chance To Visit Foulness – But Be Quick !

From the District Council website – a chance to visit one of the most unusual places in Essex:

Rochford District Council, in partnership with the Foulness Conservation and Archaeological Society (FCAS), are offering you the chance to go on a very special tour of Foulness Island.

This is your chance to glimpse some of the wonderful wildlife that inhabits Foulness Island and it also gives you the opportunity to learn about the development of the island as a coastal habitat, how it has been recovered from the sea, farming, natural history and other points of interest.

The guided tractor/trailer tour will take place on Wednesday, 10 June 2015 from 6.30 pm.

Please ensure to book early as spaces are strictly limited and they sell out very quickly.

Tickets are available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis and cost £17 per person with proceeds going to the Chairman of Rochford District Council, Councillor Heather Glynn’s chosen charities.

For more information, or to book your place, please contact Karen Kersley on 01702 318143 or email

foulness inquorate

Foulness Councillor Crisis

There’s an unusual item on the agenda for next Tuesday’s RDC  Annual Council meeting . One of our parish councils, Foulness, doesn’t have enough parish Councillors to function. So it looks likely that the three District Councillors for Great Wakering and Foulness will be stepping in temporarily….

Amenity Space Saved, Wakering Development Squeaks Through……

At tonight’s meeting of the Development Committee:

The outline  application for 6 dwellings on the amenity space at Brocksford Avenue was refused by an overwhelming vote of councillors. Refusal was moved by  Ian  Ward and seconded by Heather Glynn. This pleased the public gallery, which was packed with concerned residents.

The application for 116 dwellings at the old Star Lane Brickworks in Great Wakering was passed – but only just. This is another one of the big sites that has come forward as part of the local plan. Chris Black and Ron Oatham moved refusal, saying that the application was contrary to our core strategy, because extra funding for the local primary school wasn’t being provided. We lost the refusal  11-9. Interestingly , none of the ward councillors supported our refusal. Cllr Mrs Wilkins voted against our refusal , Cllr Hookway was absent and Cllr Seagers declared an interest and quite properly left the chamber.  A motion of approval was then moved and the scheme was passed 14-5

The District Council applied to itself for planning permission to install a banner in Bradley Way to advertise public events – and the committee refused this , on the grounds of it being a conservation area.

When The Rockets Fell….



The Rochford Community History Archive has a new article listing all the known cases of V2 Rockets hitting our district in World War 2.

Canewdon, Foulness and Rawreth received five hits each, which may seem surprising, but these are three of the largest parishes in area and the rockets were more or less falling at random

Officers Recommend : Don’t Allow This Church To Be Demolished

united reform church

There’s a planning application on the latest “Weekly List” to demolish the United Reform Church to be demolished and be replaced by a two-storey garage/ games room for an adjacent dwelling.

The key question here is not whether the building should be kept as a church, because planning permission has already been given to convert it to one residential unit. The key question is whether the building should remain, as part of the Great Wakering Conservation Area.

Officers are recommending refusal of the application because of its ‘positive contribution’ to the character and appearance of the Conservation Area.

You can find the officers report here.

Lost Walks Of Rochford

Paglesham -lookingouttoWallaseaIsland


From the District Council website


Help us rediscover lost walks and hidden heritage in rural and coastal Rochford District.

Join us on foot or online and help reveal the stories of Rochford’s changing landscape through a series of public walks.

Walk 1: Barling – Wakering
Wednesday 9 July 2014
10am to 2pm
Meet at All Saints Church, Church Road, Barling
Ends at St Nicholas Church, 2 New Road, Great Wakering

Walk 2: Hullbridge – Hockley – Hullbridge
Wednesday 9 July 2014
4pm to 8pm
Walk starts and ends at the Anchor Riverside Pub, Ferry Road, Hullbridge
Free Public Car Park next to the Anchor Inn

Walk 3: Ashingdon – South Fambridge – Canewdon
Thursday 10 July 2014
10am to 2pm
Meet by Ashingdon Primary Academy, Fambridge Road, Ashingdon
Ends at St Nicholas Church, High Street, Canewdon

Walk 4: Canewdon – Wallasea Island – Paglesham East End
Thursday 10 July 2014
4pm to 8pm
Starts at St Nicholas Church, High Street, Canewdon
Ends at The Plough and Sail Public House, East End, Paglesham

Please further information please phone 01702 318171or email

Share your stories and photos of rural and coastal Rochford on the Facebook page in related links

Follow the walks on Twitter @RochfordWalks

Lost Walks of Rochford is led by artists Ali Pretty and Richard White, working with Rochford District Council Arts Development. Ali and Richard regularly collaborate on creative walking projects described as ‘feet on the ground and digitally connected’. Their walks through Rochford District will be documented and archived using social media, mapping and tracking technology.


116 Homes, A Takeaway, And Lots Of Windows


It was a long meeting for the District Council Development Committee on Thursday evening. There were only 3 items, but a lot of debate! This was the outcome:

Star Lane Brickworks, Great Wakering – 103 houses and 13 flats. This is the kind of application that councillors like in principle – converting a derelict brownfield site into homes. The density was reasonable, and every house met our minimum garden standards. But most councillors were unhappy. Some Councillors , such as Ron Oatham, criticised the architecture, others, such as Jo McPherson , were concerned that there was only 10% affordable housing when our policy is for 35%. The response from officers was that independent assessments had shown that the scheme was only financially viable with a low percentage of affordable housing.

The chair of the meeting, Phil Capon, read the mood of the meeting well, and showing good chairmanship, moved that the application be deferred to allow further discussions, and this was agreed. It shows how difficult it can be to deal properly with large planning applications in one meeting.

215 London Road, Rayleigh – conversion of a shop into a takeaway This item had been called in by Toby Mountain. Joan Mockford moved refusal for aa number of reasons including noise,and nuisance, and it was refused.

Bell House, High Street, Great Wakering – New Windows This is a sheltered housing complex in Great Wakering, just outside the Conservation Area (see the picture above). Sanctuary Housing Association had applied to replace the old rotting wooden windows with pvc ones. Officers had recommended refusal because of the unsuitable appearance next to the Conservation Area. However councillors thought that brown pvc would actually be suitable, and approved the application. The elderly ladies in the public gallery, who had sat there cheerfully all night, went home happy – they are going to get warmer hosues and no drafts…..