hullbridge planning application

Flats For Hullbridge…

New planning application just in…. demolish a house in Ferry Road Hullbridge and build 14 flats.



London Road Development Update

For those who are interested:

  • No more news yet on the big “North of London Road” Countryside scheme that already has outline permission.
  • The application at Timber Grove was withdrawn and RDC have not received another application yet.
  • The “Grange Villa” application (for 47 dwelling adjoining the filling station / Marks and Spencers) is likely to come to the commmittee on the 30th June.

    Application For 4 Bungalows In Louis Drive Set For Refusal

    Last Friday’s ‘yellow list’ contained recommendations on several planning applications, each recommendation comes into effect on Wednesday unless any councillor calls it in.

    One is in Louis Drive, Rayleigh and is recommmended for refusal, basically  on the grounds of overdevelopment and loss of trees. The proposal is to demolish one bungalow (77 Louis Drive) and build 4 new ones . If you are interested, the precise reasons for refusal are shown below:

    Location : 77 Louis Drive Rayleigh
    Proposal : Demolition Of Existing Chalet Bungalow And Build Four New 3-Bed Detached Bungalows

    Recommended for refusal


    The proposed development would amount to inappropriate infill development within a residential garden which would not achieve the
    high standard of design and layout and would not contribute positively to the locality contrary to paragraphs 53, 56, 58 and 64 of the National
    Planning Policy Framework.

    The proposal would not therefore represent sustainable development. The proposed development would  not relate well to the existing street pattern,density and character of the locality contrary to Policy H1 of the Core Strategy (2011) and parts (iii), (ix) and (x) of Policy DM1 and parts (i), (ii), (iv) and (viii) of Policy DM3 of the Development Management Plan (2014).

    The proposal would result in development encircling the rear garden of No. 75a Louis Drive and giving rise to a sense of enclosure which would be out of character with the locality and would not achieve a positive relationship with this existing dwelling.

    The proposal for elongated bungalows with windows sited very close to boundaries would not achieve a high standard of living accommodation. The lack of 100 square metre garden area to the dwelling to plot 3 and failure of a 1-metre separation to the northern boundary together with the narrow access road with lack of space to accommodate soft landscaping is symptomatic of overdevelopment of the site.

    There are several established trees on the site within the rear garden of the existing bungalow, trees within very close proximity site boundaries and a young tree within the grass verge to the site frontage the latter of which is clearly intended to provide high amenity value to the street scene in the longer term. Policy DM25 advises that development proposals should seek to conserve and enhance existing trees and that where development would result in the loss of existing trees then appropriate mitigation measures should be implemented to offset the impact through replacement. No tree impact assessment has been submitted with the application and as a consequence the impact of the proposed development on existing trees cannot be fully understood. It would appear that the development would result in the loss of existing trees and would likely impact on existing trees in close proximity with no details of replacement trees to be provided contrary to Policy DM25 and part (iv) of Policy DM1 of the Development Management Plan (2014)


    sta andrews church

    Two Applications Recommended For Refusal

    On this week’s ‘yellow list’ of planning applications, there are two proposals recommended for refusal – if no councillor calls them in, they will be officially refused at Wednesday lunchtime.

    The first is to subdivide a garden in 16 Morrins Close ,Wakering and build a house there. But it is in flood zone 3 – the zone at most at risk from flooding. For this reason officers recommend refusal – plus there is no on-site parking, and would also cause overshadowing.

    The second is more unusual. It is a retrospective application to  allow a wooden outbuilding already built within the grounds of St Andrews Church in Rochford. Offices recommend refusal as follows:

    The outbuilding is an unattractive addition which would be unduly obtrusive and cause harm to the setting of a designated heritage asset,
    the Grade II * Listed St Andrews Church particularly given the proposed siting to the north which would detract from the way in which
    the church is viewed and experienced. There is no public benefit that would outweigh the harm. The outbuilding would also not make a
     positive contribution to the character and appearance of the Rochford Conservation Area



    A New Clock Tower In Rochford?

    A new planning application is just in for a 6.4 metre high Clock Tower in Cherry Orchard Way. Unfortunately there’s a problem on the RDC website tonight, so we can’t look at the details yet…

    scout building2

    Scout Building Application At the End Of Priory Chase

    There’s a new planning application just in – for a scout building next to St Nicholas School and adjacent to Arundel Gardens, Rayleigh
    scout building


    A Few More Thoughts About That Roundabout….

    1. According to the document from the applicant’s traffic consultant, the 500 houses in Hullbridge would cause a big increase in congestion if no improvements are carried out. They predict that by 2019, without the 500 houses , there would be queues in Rawreth Lane in the evening rush hour of 45 cars, with delays of 210 seconds. (some people might argue  the queues  are that bad already)  With the extra 500 homes, the queues would be more than twice as bad – 107 vehicles long and 475 seconds.

    roundabout12. Their consultants reckon the bigger roundabout would solve the problem, even with “a  proposed development on the adjacent land of up to 100 dwellings”. Who is proposing 100 houses on the adjacent land?!

    roundabout23.  Just to make it clear , the plan that was passed does NOT cut off Mortimer Road from Hullbridge Road.

    44. The chair  of the  meeting,  Cllr Seagers, cut off Chris Black from speaking after 5 minutes, even though he was still  talking  about  the details of the roundabout and the surrounding features .   Though council rules DO give the chair discretion to allow speakers to continue for longer:




    Getting Back To Normal – And Back To Business

    Hopefully, the hacking attack on onlineFOCUS has been dealt with now (fingers crossed).
    We are trying to get back to normal.

    The main event this week is tomorrow night’s meeting of the Development Committee, where a decision will be made on the big housing application on the SW Hullbridge /Rawreth borders and the roundabout application at the Hullbridge Road / Rawreth Lane junction…


    The Hullbridge/Rawreth and Roundabout Applications Have Their Own Pages On the Council Website

    If you want to study the two applications due to come up on March 22nd, they  both have their own pages on the council website, full of links to lots of documents, plans etc.:

    Click here for the Hullbridge/Rawreth application page.

    Click here for the Roundabout application page.

    It makes them a lot easier to look at.



    BREAKING NEWS: New Roundabout Application

    The planning application for the new roundabout at the Hullbridge Road / Rawreth Lane junction has just been submitted. It is application 16/00162/FUL and you can see it here

    The first thing we’ve noticed is good news.  Unlike  a previous plan that we’ saw, Mortimer Road still has access onto Hullbridge Road.

    The other news is that there is no longer a extra road access going ominously into Lubbards Farm. That’s been removed. But there’s still room to add an extra exit at a later date. Also the accompanying Transport Assessment states:

    “a requirement of the landowner is to consider future development access”

    That looks like a hint for a future planning application  on part of Lubbards Farm. We will say no more, to avoid ‘fettering our discretion’

    This is the current plan (click to enlarge)




    This is the previous plan we saw:

    roundabout plan


    Breaking News: Hullbridge/ Rawreth Housing Application on March 22nd

    We have just heard the following from Hullbridge Green Party Councillors Michael and Diane Hoy about the application for 500 homes on the Hullbridge / Rawreth borders

    We have just been advised that the Outline Planning Application for Hullbridge is going to the Development Control meeting on 22 March.
    Both myself and Diane will be there to speak for residents.




    Fairly Quiet On the Western Front

    Here’s a brief update on the 3 substantial planning applications that we’ve had in Rawreth :

    The “North of London Road” application from Countryside was of course passed last year. This was an outline application and the number of homes wasn’t , but would be between 400 and 500. The paperwork and legal stuff following the approval is still being sorted out. At some stage you can expect one or more detailed applications.

    The “Timber Grove” application was , perhaps surprisingly, withdrawn last month. This was for 91 homes plus a replacement care home for the existing Timber Grove. No doubt there will be a new application at some stage.

    The “Site Adjacent to Grange Villa” application is still ongoing and will be coming to the Development Committee sooner or later (but not this month). This is for 47 homes.

    So watch out for more news in the future…