Friday Food

Black Pepper Steak Stir Fry


We’d be interested to hear the thoughts of Rayleigh Food blogger, Gary Fenn, on Marks and Spencer having a food store in Rayleigh. In the meantime, for a hot and ultry and Friday evening, here’s a hot and sultry recipe he’s just blogged about: … here’s my version of the Hakkasan dish. It’s not as clean tasting as their version,…
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Pumpkin Pie

From the food blog from Rayleigh, a seasonally appropriate recipe for pumpkin pie … with a refreshingly frank verdict from the cook: I can’t say I was blown away by it. The flavour was definitely pumpkin but I couldn’t help thinking something was missing. It needs perhaps a layer of chocolate icing to offset the smooth, uniform flavour. And I…
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Charity Dinners At The Carpenters Arms

  Rawreth is starting to develop a reputation for fine food and drink. The cheese scones occasionally found at Rawreth Parish Council meetings are superb.  And then there’s Venn’s Brewery…. So we were pleased to see the following item in the Echo It’s about charity meals at the Carpenters Arms to raise funds for pancreatic cancer research: Determined to raise…
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