Council Budget

Timid? Or Just Complaining Quietly?


Liberal England reports here from Leicestershire: Leicestershire’s Conservative MPs were busy retweeting this photograph last week. It shows them and the Conservative leader of the county council Nick Rushton meeting the local government minister Marcus Jones to press the case for more generous funding for Leicestershire. The Leicester Mercury quoted Sir Edward Garnier, MP for Harborough: “The difficult financial situation…
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Cllr Steptoe’s Decisions On Council Car Parks

Market Car Park 2 78009. crop

Mike Steptoe is the affable Tory councillor for Barling and Sutton, and is the cabinet member for “Enterprise”. Which means he’s the person who makes decisions about whether to have free car parking in council car parks at Xmas, and whether to charge the NHS for using car parking spaces for breast screening or other health checks. He’s just made…
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Important Stuff:Councils To Keep All Their Business Rates

million-pounds cash

At the moment councils collect council tax and business rates. Broadly speaking, councils keep the council tax but pass the business rates back to Central Government. Central government then gives some of that back to councils as government grants George Osbourne has announced today that in the future councils will be allowed to keep all business rates from their area….
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Review Committee Asks Cllr Steptoe To Re-Think On Breast Cancer Screening Charges

Mammogram from Wikipedia. The breast on the left is healthy, the one on the right is cancerous

The Review Committee started the new civic year under its new chairman, Cllr Jerry Gibson. It was a good natured , non-party-political meeting. The most significant item was a call-in by Cllr Michael Hoy regarding a decision by Cllr Mike Steptoe on charging for commercial use of council car parks. Councillors weren’t concerned so much about the commercial side but…
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Setting The Council Tax

The District Council meets on Tuesday night, mainly to set the council tax for 2015-2016. As you will see below, the District Council , the County Council and the Fire Service are all keeping things as they are, so the only changes will be with the police, and the various parish councils: Note that Rayleigh are making a small reduction…