Council Drama

A Questionable Decision

civic suite

Well, the Conservatives pushed through their motion last night to remove 26 councillors from the Development Committee:   Whether or not you agree with the actual decision, there is still some dispute over whether the council’s constitution allowed for this motion to be moved last night. According to part 4 section 16.1 of the constitution, a motion to rescind…
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Geoff Williams To Move Motion Of No Confidence At Basildon Council

Geoff Willimas
Geoff Williams

We wrote recently about Basildon Council, where a planning decision for a big housing site was kept away from Basildon’s own planning committee and decided under delegated powers. Veteran Liberal Democrat Councillor Geoff Williams is now intending to table a motion of no confidence in the planning committee chair Cllr Morris on October 15th. The motion reads: “This council believes…
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An Extraordinary Extraordinary Late Night Council Meeting


The extraordinary council meeting tonight turned into a really extraordinary one. It began at 9.10 pm after the Development Committee finished. Chris Black got in an early question – the agenda only said we were discussing a private and confidential report on a forthcoming planning appeal, could it at least be made public which appeal it was? So we can…
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We’d Welcome Some Company On Thursday Evening!

Stevie Turner Council Chamber Photo

So, we have two meetings of the District Council on Thursday evening, in the Civic Suite in Rayleigh opposite Holy Trinity Church. The first is a routine meeting of the development committee starting at 7:30. This will deal with three planning applications: Wheel cleaning at the big development site in Hawkwell. One of the original planning conditions was for wheel…
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