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An Interview With The Leader

rochford life

Rochford Life has an interview with Terry Cutmore, the leader of the District Council here. Key quote: “Yes, there have been complaints. I can’t hide from that because we publish them; they aren’t terrible figures but we have a challenge there. Inevitably in an organisation you’d like to deliver a Rolls Royce service but we probably deliver a Ford Focus…
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Why Does Rochford Have As Many Places With Zero Hygiene Ratings As Southend, Basildon And Castle Point Put Together?


Back last February we wrote about the food hygiene ratings for restaurants, cafes etc in our district. At that time there was only one premises in our district with a food hygiene rating of zero out of five. But if you look now at the Food Standards Agency website you will see there are now eleven premises in Rochford district…
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Aiming For A Healthier Essex


The District Council’s Review Committee met last night to hear two presentations on health and care in Rochford and Castle Point.. They were unusually interesting – although too detailed to summarise here. Also full marks to the Labour chair of the committee, Jerry Gibson, for allowing the public to ask questions at the end. However there are two points worth…
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