Paintball Application Just In

There’s a planning application for paintballing, in the west of Rawreth not far from Wickford.
Parish: Rawreth Parish Council
Ward: Downhall And Rawreth
Responsibility: Committee /Weekly List
Proposal:Change Use of Land and Woodland to Provide Paintball Activity
Venue Including Provision of Car Park, Access, and Ancillary Structures
Location: Land North Of Reservoir Dollymans Farm Doublegate Lane
You can find the application here.

Though the system was working too slow tonight at Onlinefocus HQ to actually open any documents….

civic suite

“Grange Villa” Application Deferred By 10-0 Vote

The planning application for 47 dwellings off London Road , next to the BP/ Marks and Spencers filling station was deferred last night.

The officers presentation outlined the scheme, making the point that this land is already allocated for housing in principle as part of the council’s core strategy.

Parish Chairman Alistir Matthews then spoke against it, stressing how important the drainage/ flooding situation was for the parish.

One of the ward Councillors, Chris Black, then kicked off the debate , expressing his concern that we didn’t have full information on the drainage scheme yet. While he welcomed the provision of a new pedestrian crossing on London Road, he askd where it would be (the answer was to the west of the junction with Little Wheatley Chase). He also suggested that £45000 for park maintenance might be better spent on a school crossing patrol. He said he wouldn’t support the scheme tonight and would vote against approval.

Toby Mountain spoke next, supporting what Chris had said and also querying the road layout. Christine Mason then followed, questioning the flat dormer roofs (which are against council policy)  and asking that if the scheme went ahead, the maintenance logs for the drainage system should be sent to the council every year without having to be requested. Mike Steptoe also asked some questions and implied that the scheme wasn’t quite ready yet.

Simon Smith then moved approval – but didn’t get a seconder . So Chris Black jumped in and moved deferral , to allow time to get more information on the drainage schemes and to look at other matters, This was immediately seconded by Toby Mountain.

Chris Stanley then spoke, ramming home the point about drainage and that the County Council wasn’t working with up to date information. Simon Smith came back, asking why the proposed road into the scheme wasn’t up to adoptable standard.

Eventually the committee voted 10-0 to defer a decision, allowing time to get more information and some improvements before a second vote is taken at some stage.


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A Busy Planning Night This Thursday…

The Development Committee  meets this Thursday at 7:30 in the Civic Suite , Rayleigh.  There are 4 items on the agenda:

  1. ) A proposal to change one of the conditions regarding the approved roundabout at the Rawreth Lane /Hullbridge Road junction. Instead of having a condition in the Section 106 that stipulates:
“Details for the provision of an area clear of the highway for the parking of operatives vehicles and the storage materials of plant and construction vehicles to be used for the duration of the construction period.”
There would be an extra  planning condition that states:
“Prior to the commencement of the development the applicant shall submit to the Local Planning Authority a construction management plan to demonstrate the provision of areas within the applicant’s control for the provision of the storage of materials, plant, equipment and operatives’ parking. The development shall be implemented in accordance with such details as may be agreed.”
2.)  For the building 34 Rocheway, Rochford:

3.) More housing proposed along London Road, Rayleigh :

4. Scout Hut at the end of Priory Chase, Rayleigh:
They are all recommended for approval, you can find the agenda here.


London Road Development Update

For those who are interested:

  • No more news yet on the big “North of London Road” Countryside scheme that already has outline permission.
  • The application at Timber Grove was withdrawn and RDC have not received another application yet.
  • The “Grange Villa” application (for 47 dwelling adjoining the filling station / Marks and Spencers) is likely to come to the commmittee on the 30th June.
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    A Fine View

    We are grateful to Graham for sending us this atmospheric  photo, taken from the Carpenters Arms Roundabout looking towards Makro. (Double-Click on it to enlarge)



    Last Minute Reminder…

    If you live in Downhall and Rawreth ward, we’d just like to remind you that you have three votes for the District Council, and we have three candidates – Chris Black, Ron Oatham and Chris Stanley.

    Please give us all three of your votes:

    • We are the most local team, and we all want to serve.
    • We need to win all 3 seats to guarantee a place for a Downhall and Rawreth councillor on the committee that deals with planning applications. That could be crucial.
    • Winning all 3 seats sends a message to the council that local people aren’t happy with the overdevelopment in our area and want improvements in infrastructure.
    • Winning all 3 seats gives you a united team of active local councillors that aren’t under the Tory whip.

    We are also hoping to get Ron, Chris Stanley and Bruce Smart elected to the Town Council for the “Sweyne Park” Town Council ward , and James Newport to the Town Council “Victoria ” ward.

    Also – James Newport has a very good chance of winning a seat on the District Council in Sweyne Park and Grange Ward – please give him your support if you are in that area. He would be a hard-working councillor both in the street and inside the council chamber, and it would be great to have him elected.

    And finally we have all our other candidates, all able people and all worth voting for – please give them one of your votes if they are standing in your area.


    polling station sign

    The Election Battles In The West

    The candidates for the Rochford District Council and town and parish council elections have now been announced – you can find them on the District Council website here and here.

    Tonight we’ll look at the north-western end of the district – Sweyne Park and Grange, Downhall and Rawreth, and Hullbridge. There are 3 district council seats up for grabs in each of them.


    3 Tories, 1 Lib Dem (James Newport), 1 Rochford Resident and 1 Labour  are standing. Interestingly, there is no UKIP here. Obviously , we hope that James can win one of the three seats for us. It’s possible that James, Toby Mountain and the Labour chap Mr Archer could all win, and the Conservatives win none.

    For the Town Council, the Tories have won 4 seats-  unopposed  by any other candidates.



    3 Lib Dems (Chris Black, Ron Oatham and Chris Stanley) ,  3 Tories, 1 Labour and 1 Rochford Resident (who lives in Hullbridge). Once again, no UKIP. Obviously we are hoping to win all three seats here and strengthen our team.

    For the Town Council, the seats are contested between Lib Dems and Tories  (we will write more about this later)




    There’s a big ballot paper for Hullbridge – 3 Greens, 3 Tories, 3 Labour and 1 UKIP. The biggest surprise is to see Angelina Marriot  switch from Labour to Tory. Also interesting to see former Labour councillor David Flack standing here again. With the Greens already holding 2 of the 3 seats, we’re going to stick our necks out here and say the Greens are the best option to keep the Tories out.

    There  are  also elections  for Hullbridge Parish Council, with a total of 13 candidates.


    civic suite

    Hullbridge Plan Is Passed 9-2, Roundabout Passed As Well

    It was an uninspiring night in the council chamber.

    The Hullbridge/Rawreth application for 500 was passed by 9 votes to 2. Chris Black (Lib Dem) moved refusal and was seconded by John Hayter (UKIP) but they were outvoted by 9 Conservatives. The Hullbridge District Councillors Michael and Diane Hoy (Green) and Angela Hale (Tory), plus Hullbridge Parish Councillors Angelina Marriott (Labour) all made good speeches, as did our Tory MP Mark Francois , but none of them had a vote.

    The roundabout application was also passed, despite a speech against by Rawreth Parish Councillor Chris Stanley and some concerns about the details expressed by Chris Black (Lib Dem). the only concession Chris got was that the ward councillors would be consulted on the screening and landscaping, to minimise the impact on neighbouring residents. This was supported by the Tory leader Terry Cutmore.

    The Echo has a good report here.


    Getting Back To Normal – And Back To Business

    Hopefully, the hacking attack on onlineFOCUS has been dealt with now (fingers crossed).
    We are trying to get back to normal.

    The main event this week is tomorrow night’s meeting of the Development Committee, where a decision will be made on the big housing application on the SW Hullbridge /Rawreth borders and the roundabout application at the Hullbridge Road / Rawreth Lane junction…


    The Hullbridge/Rawreth and Roundabout Applications Have Their Own Pages On the Council Website

    If you want to study the two applications due to come up on March 22nd, they  both have their own pages on the council website, full of links to lots of documents, plans etc.:

    Click here for the Hullbridge/Rawreth application page.

    Click here for the Roundabout application page.

    It makes them a lot easier to look at.



    BREAKING NEWS: New Roundabout Application

    The planning application for the new roundabout at the Hullbridge Road / Rawreth Lane junction has just been submitted. It is application 16/00162/FUL and you can see it here

    The first thing we’ve noticed is good news.  Unlike  a previous plan that we’ saw, Mortimer Road still has access onto Hullbridge Road.

    The other news is that there is no longer a extra road access going ominously into Lubbards Farm. That’s been removed. But there’s still room to add an extra exit at a later date. Also the accompanying Transport Assessment states:

    “a requirement of the landowner is to consider future development access”

    That looks like a hint for a future planning application  on part of Lubbards Farm. We will say no more, to avoid ‘fettering our discretion’

    This is the current plan (click to enlarge)




    This is the previous plan we saw:

    roundabout plan


    Breaking News: Hullbridge/ Rawreth Housing Application on March 22nd

    We have just heard the following from Hullbridge Green Party Councillors Michael and Diane Hoy about the application for 500 homes on the Hullbridge / Rawreth borders

    We have just been advised that the Outline Planning Application for Hullbridge is going to the Development Control meeting on 22 March.
    Both myself and Diane will be there to speak for residents.