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The Places Where They Didn’t Run Elections Properly (Don’t Be Alarmed , Rochford Isn’t One Of Them)


Tom Stoppard wrote “It’s not the voting that’s democracy, it’s the counting.“ So it’s a but disturbing to see the electoral commission has so far found 29 returning officers that didn’t run elections properly last May. As Mark Pack writes here. The Electoral Commission has increased to 29 (from an initial 24) its tally of Returning Officers who failed to…
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Now Tory Councils Tell George Osborne “No More Cuts To Local Government”

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  From the Guardian: Tory council leaders across England and Wales have presented a united front with Labour and Lib Dem-run local authorities as they warn the chancellor, George Osborne, that another round of funding cuts would devastate local services and harm the most vulnerable in society.. In a letter to the Observer, council bosses representing every type of local…
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And So To Bed….

  Chris Black writes: 5:10 am, just got from the counting of the votes for the parliamentary election. The result isn’t on the council website yet, but here are the figures I wrote  down .. As it happens the candidates finished in alphabetical order: FRANCOIS (CONSERVATIVE) 29088 HAYTER (UKIP) 11858 HOUGH (LABOUR)  6705 KENDALL (INDEPENDENT) 2418 PITT (LIBERAL DEMOCRAT) 1622…
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A Nice Little Earner

The Daily Mirror has been looking at the private landlord companies that, overall, receive billions of pounds of housing benefit payments from the government each year. In particular they focused on UKIP’s housing spokesman, whom they state receives £800,000 of housing benefit money each year from Haringey council. However the Mirror also has a nifty interactive page where you can…
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A Grand Coalition?

Colchester Lib Dem Nick Barlow writes on his blog here about how, if the SNP are excluded from power, we may end up with a Grand Coalition of Conservatives and Labour: …The interesting thing about Britain is that the structure of competition has blown wide open since 2010, with the old two-party structure seemingly gone. We’re in a position where…
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