District Core Strategy

Here We Go Again….


Keep your eyes peeled on this one. There could be more planning battles to fight… From the District Council website: Call for Sites (current stage) The Council is looking to gather information from landowners and developers about land – particularly brownfield/previously developed land – that might be considered suitable for development (including residential, employment, retail and other uses) in the…
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Action Groups Ally Together….

We’ve just been sent the following press release …. worth printing in full: South East Essex Action Group Alliance Press Release Issue 1 Introduction In towns and villages across the country residents are fighting to prevent unjustified housing developments, particularly those where Green Belt land will be lost for ever. Councils are wilfully ignoring local concerns in spite of the…
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RAG’s View

Rayleigh Action Group summarise their view of the situation here. Here’s an extract: …To expand on the above Rochford District Council’s evidence to the court they stated that just 195 residents from a possible 33,000 in Rayleigh, made representations on one consultation process. Of these, 194 objected and rejected their proposal and just one individual supported their submissions. The programme…
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Legal Challenge Defeated

It’s been announced today that the legal challenge by Linda Kendall against the Allocations Document has failed. The Echo reports on it here This is very disappointing news for very many people, though even if the challenge had succceded it would have only affected the Allocations Document, and not the previously agreed Strategy Document that already specified housing “North of…
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Hullbridge / Rawreth Planning Application Now In….

Another big planning application, part of the District Council’s Core Strategy has now been submitted.You can find more on the council website here. A lot of resident’s comments have already been submitted over the weekend. The outline proposal includes: “Residential development for 500 dwellings including a proportion of affordable housing, associated open space, landscaping and drainage and infrastructure works” <...
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Here We Go Again?

If you look at the District Council’s “Key Decisions Document”  you will find this section:   And what does a ‘call for sites” mean? It means asking landowners and property companies etc. to submit suggestions for possible sites for development. This would normally be somewhere where they have a financial interestt.   This is how local plans begin, and we…
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