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Benefits Update


From the District Council website: Intermittent disruption to Revenues and Benefits online services Date: Wednesday, 26 August 2015 We are experiencing intermittent issues with Revenues and Benefits online services, which are currently being investigated.  These may affect access and/or functionality.  The online payments service is unaffected. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Peering Into the Past

carnival 1929

Yesterday the British Film Institute launched a section on its website called “Britain On Film” where you can find thousands of ‘beautifully preserved old films’ showing life in Britain for the last century or so. You can serach by local area, topic, or decade. There are three from Southend, one of them being the 1929 Carnival Procession. (pictured above) Hat-tip:…
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How To Find The New Countryside Application


The District Council Website isn’t the easiest to navigate. To find the latest big planning application from Countryside – for housing “North of London Road”: Go to the Council website at http://www.rochford.gov.uk/ Then select “Planning” from the menu on the left side of the screen. Then select “Planning Appications” Then select “View Planning Appications” This takes you to a map,…
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You Can Subscribe…

Following a suggestion from one of our readers James, we have added a ‘subscribe’ facility to onlineFOCUS. If you complete the little form at the bottom of the screen, you will get email notifications whenever we post something new. (The software also allows us to send you an email newsletter, but this is not something we plan to do)

Time For Some Spring Cleaning

Now the elections are over , maybe it’s time to give the onlineFOCUS website a bit of a spring clean. We can add some features that people would like, and remove some features that aren’t being used. So any suggestions would be welcome over the next week or so! In particular , does everyone view the basic onlineFOCUS background: Or…
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Readers of onlineFOCUS will know we sometimes write about local history. Well, we’ve just stumbled across the blog of the Essex Archive Office, and they have some interesting stuff there. Their latest piece is on a new book about Essex in WW2. Seraching for articles about our part of Essex doesn’t lead to much – there are few entries for…
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Rochford To Rayleigh Rising

If you are involved in local campaigning, social media are very important. You can set up your own website, as we did with onlinefocus.org. Websites have some very good plus points. They are largely under your own control, so you can have the lay-out you want. When the website has been going for a few years, you can still search…
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