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A Busy Planning Night This Thursday…

The Development Committee  meets this Thursday at 7:30 in the Civic Suite , Rayleigh.  There are 4 items on the agenda:

  1. ) A proposal to change one of the conditions regarding the approved roundabout at the Rawreth Lane /Hullbridge Road junction. Instead of having a condition in the Section 106 that stipulates:
“Details for the provision of an area clear of the highway for the parking of operatives vehicles and the storage materials of plant and construction vehicles to be used for the duration of the construction period.”
There would be an extra  planning condition that states:
“Prior to the commencement of the development the applicant shall submit to the Local Planning Authority a construction management plan to demonstrate the provision of areas within the applicant’s control for the provision of the storage of materials, plant, equipment and operatives’ parking. The development shall be implemented in accordance with such details as may be agreed.”
2.)  For the building 34 Rocheway, Rochford:

3.) More housing proposed along London Road, Rayleigh :

4. Scout Hut at the end of Priory Chase, Rayleigh:
They are all recommended for approval, you can find the agenda here.


“Owing to the issues and difficulties the business owner is having with regard to people vomiting and urinating in the doorway to the premises”

There’s an application for a white roller shutter for the front of the shop at no. 31 Rayleigh High Street.  This was normally be refused as not being suitable for the Conservation Area. but officers are recommending approval if it is painted a less intrusive  black rather than white. This is despite objections from Rayleigh Town Council . The reason ?  The mess on Saturday mornings:

Application No :16/00323/FUL
Zoning :Town Centre
Parish :Rayleigh Town Council
Ward :Wheatley
Location : 31 High Street Rayleigh Essex
Proposal :Installation of Roller Grille to Enclose Entrance to Shop
The proposal is for a white powder coated, fully electric, roller grille to enclose
the entrance to the shop….
…The site is situated within the primary shopping frontage area, Conservation
Area and town centre of Rayleigh, as well as being located within the Rayleigh
Centre Area Action Plan.
The applicant has stated within the application that they have to clean up
mess on Saturday mornings due to the use of the recess after the pubs and
clubs have closed. This area is the doorway into the premises and the use of
the area on Friday evenings results in an uninviting access into the shop
which deters customers, and has to be cleaned before it can be used.
Comments from the Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Officer collaborate with
the owner that all of the premises with indented doorways suffer
from people urinating in them. Number 31 is on the main route from the Pink Tooth Brush
to the Taxi rank and given the queue for the rank can extend beyond Ernie
Lane back to the Pink Tooth Brush, many of the shops along that stretch
suffer as they are slightly out of sight. The shops have not made complaints
directly but raise the issues in the various forums and have asked if the clubs
would provide street urinals to reduce the abuse of their frontages. It has now
become a common practice to have to wash doorways and frontage down at
weekends before opening….


You can find the full report here – it’s the second item.


grasssweyne park

Sweyne Park

We have sent an email to RDC asking them to:

  • Cut the grass again in the area near the rebound wall
  • Cut the grass again inside the play area
  • Mow some paths
  • Create a bigger area of cut grass so there’s more room for people during the school holidays


fine fare and tomassis

Fine Fare And Tomassis

This month Rayleigh Through the Looking Glass looks at when Rayleigh was full of supermarkets. This photo is from the 1960s,  when Fine Fare had a supermarket where the Pink Toothbrush is now.

And Tomassis had a premises in Rayleigh as well as Southend, serving good salads and ice creams (and probably fish and chips)


Application For 4 Bungalows In Louis Drive Set For Refusal

Last Friday’s ‘yellow list’ contained recommendations on several planning applications, each recommendation comes into effect on Wednesday unless any councillor calls it in.

One is in Louis Drive, Rayleigh and is recommmended for refusal, basically  on the grounds of overdevelopment and loss of trees. The proposal is to demolish one bungalow (77 Louis Drive) and build 4 new ones . If you are interested, the precise reasons for refusal are shown below:

Location : 77 Louis Drive Rayleigh
Proposal : Demolition Of Existing Chalet Bungalow And Build Four New 3-Bed Detached Bungalows

Recommended for refusal


The proposed development would amount to inappropriate infill development within a residential garden which would not achieve the
high standard of design and layout and would not contribute positively to the locality contrary to paragraphs 53, 56, 58 and 64 of the National
Planning Policy Framework.

The proposal would not therefore represent sustainable development. The proposed development would  not relate well to the existing street pattern,density and character of the locality contrary to Policy H1 of the Core Strategy (2011) and parts (iii), (ix) and (x) of Policy DM1 and parts (i), (ii), (iv) and (viii) of Policy DM3 of the Development Management Plan (2014).

The proposal would result in development encircling the rear garden of No. 75a Louis Drive and giving rise to a sense of enclosure which would be out of character with the locality and would not achieve a positive relationship with this existing dwelling.

The proposal for elongated bungalows with windows sited very close to boundaries would not achieve a high standard of living accommodation. The lack of 100 square metre garden area to the dwelling to plot 3 and failure of a 1-metre separation to the northern boundary together with the narrow access road with lack of space to accommodate soft landscaping is symptomatic of overdevelopment of the site.

There are several established trees on the site within the rear garden of the existing bungalow, trees within very close proximity site boundaries and a young tree within the grass verge to the site frontage the latter of which is clearly intended to provide high amenity value to the street scene in the longer term. Policy DM25 advises that development proposals should seek to conserve and enhance existing trees and that where development would result in the loss of existing trees then appropriate mitigation measures should be implemented to offset the impact through replacement. No tree impact assessment has been submitted with the application and as a consequence the impact of the proposed development on existing trees cannot be fully understood. It would appear that the development would result in the loss of existing trees and would likely impact on existing trees in close proximity with no details of replacement trees to be provided contrary to Policy DM25 and part (iv) of Policy DM1 of the Development Management Plan (2014)



Another Fine Sky

A picture of a sunset at Sweyne Park, sent in by one of our readers.



A Fine View

We are grateful to Graham for sending us this atmospheric  photo, taken from the Carpenters Arms Roundabout looking towards Makro. (Double-Click on it to enlarge)



Congrats To “Feathering Your Nest” !

Congratulations to Lesley Dunne, Chris and the team at her Rayleigh High Street shop “Feathering Your Nest”.

They have just won “Independent Gift Retailer of The Year” for East Anglia at a glitzy event in London. Lesley’s shop is a fine example of a quality, independently owned business that’s been built up with hard work, flair and dedication. Plus lovely staff. It’s an asset to the High Street.

There are plenty of quality items around our district, not just gifts but food and other products. Maybe onlineFOCUS will do a feature towards the end of the year “50 good things to buy for Christmas”, selecting one item from 50 shops or similar premises….. to show you don’t have to buy online or elsewhere…

Chris and Lesley Dunne
Chris and Lesley Dunne


Last Minute Reminder…

If you live in Downhall and Rawreth ward, we’d just like to remind you that you have three votes for the District Council, and we have three candidates – Chris Black, Ron Oatham and Chris Stanley.

Please give us all three of your votes:

  • We are the most local team, and we all want to serve.
  • We need to win all 3 seats to guarantee a place for a Downhall and Rawreth councillor on the committee that deals with planning applications. That could be crucial.
  • Winning all 3 seats sends a message to the council that local people aren’t happy with the overdevelopment in our area and want improvements in infrastructure.
  • Winning all 3 seats gives you a united team of active local councillors that aren’t under the Tory whip.

We are also hoping to get Ron, Chris Stanley and Bruce Smart elected to the Town Council for the “Sweyne Park” Town Council ward , and James Newport to the Town Council “Victoria ” ward.

Also – James Newport has a very good chance of winning a seat on the District Council in Sweyne Park and Grange Ward – please give him your support if you are in that area. He would be a hard-working councillor both in the street and inside the council chamber, and it would be great to have him elected.

And finally we have all our other candidates, all able people and all worth voting for – please give them one of your votes if they are standing in your area.



Shocking Robbery In Rayleigh High Street

A nasty story just published on the Echo website:

Three teenagers punched an elderly man and stole the money he was carrying outside a bank in Rayleigh.

The man was outside Lloyds Bank in the High Street between 11am and 12pm on Tuesday, April 19.

They punched his face and stole the money he was carrying. They then made off along Crown Hill towards the station.

The boys are described as white and aged in their mid-teens.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Dc Ben Broderick at Rayleigh CID on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

We do hope the victim is recovering OK. As a minor point , it would be interesting to know why this only just been published, over a fortnight after the event.

dog  mess

Hounded By Dog Mess

Tonight we want to pass on a couple of complaints  from residents about dog mess in Rayleigh.

First of all, would the owner of an apparently large dog that takes a walk around the Mortimer Road / Kings Farm/ Ferndale Road please start clearing their mess up?

Secondly, whoever decided to leave a dozen little bags of mess between Bristol Close and Downhall Park Way, can they please not do it again? (It’s been cleared up now)



Lollipop Patrol Needed!

James Newport is campaigning hard with residents to get a crossing in Little Wheatleys Chase, just outside Our Lady of Ransom School, as reported in the Echo: