Rawreth Green Belt

“North Of London Road” Application Recommended For Approval

nolr plan 1

The officers report for the meeting on September 30th can be downloaded here. (1001kb) It is 122 pages long, so Ron Oatham and Chris Black have a lot of reading to do…. Officers are recommending approval, with 40 conditions.. This is the second application – the first was refused in January, and Countryside have appealed. The District Council has already…
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Rawreth Parish Council’s Submission On The SW Hullbridge / NE Rawreth Application

Access The junction onto Lower Road is not adequate. Even with a new roundabout it is too close to Watery Lane and will only add to the traffic congestion further down the road at the Rawreth Lane junction. If (or rather when) Watery Lane is closed the development will add to the inevitable gridlock. The possible secondary acess via Maylands…
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Landhold’s Ideas For the “West Of Hullbridge” Site

If you are interested in the big planning application or applications coming on the Hullbridge / Rawreth borders , you can find out more and offer comments (until June 30th) on Landhold Capital’s website here. Here’s something on flooding: And here’s what they say about transport (nothing very dramatic here….) And these are their design principles:

The Education Situation

We’ve been enquiring into the situation with primary school places in Rayleigh – why Essex County Council were originally asking for a new primary school “North of London Road”, and now they’re not. It seems that on the basis of a planning application for 475 homes , ECC don’t believe an extra school is needed. Admissions to primary school places…
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