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November 25th, 2012 |

Tom Toms And Zebras


The Local Highways Panel meeting last Friday was probably the best so far.  Though only two out of five County Councillors were there (Tracy Chapman and Stephen Castle).

How County Highways define stationary traffic. We got some interesting information on how County Highways monitor traffic flow, for example when they studied the Rawreth Lane / Hullbridge Road junction. They check on the speed of traffic from TomToms satnav systems in cars. Information on the speed of cars with TomToms is fed straight to the County Control centre. To see why any delays occur, County Highways install temporary video cameras. So, far example, we saw on video the incident of the bus stopping for 4 minutes.

We also found out that for the County Council, “stationary” means stopped for a whole 4 or 5 minutes without moving. So if you are going home along Rawreth Lane, and stop for two minutes at the Asda lights, two minutes at the Downhall Park Way lights, and two minutes at the mini-roundabout at the end, as far as the County Council are concerned, you really aren’t stationary at all!  This explains a lot….

Meanwhile, back in the real world, we discussed what to do at this junction. We supported two ideas. One was to move, if possible,  the bus stop for travel to  Rayleigh onto the area of grass verge slightly uphill of the existing stop. The other was to try and reduce congestion caused by vehicles turning right from Hullbridge Road into Hambro Parade. The aim would be to clear the entrance of parked cars, and provide replacement parking on the wide area of pavement.

Two Proposals for Pedestrian Crossings are NOT killed off.  One is in Hullbridge Road, opposite Lubards Farm.The other is  in Bradley Way in Rochford, Both had had surveys done, in both cases the highways engineers felt the figures didn’t justify the crossings. However Gill Lucas -Gill and Tracy Chapman still supported the Bradley Way proposal and Chris Black argued that the number of pedestrians crossing  in Hullbridge Road was so low because there wasn’t  a crossing.  The end result was that they will come back for further discussion at the next meeting and may well go through, even if it means elected Conservative and Lib Dem Councillors upsetting the shighways engineers a little.

Parking  at the top of Love Lane. Keith Hudson mentioned a letter from Mark Francois regarding the amount of  evening parking at the top of Love Lane causing problems getting in and out of the junction with the High Street.

Grange Gardens The highways officers were thanked for getting the road repaired. Apparently there were 145 cases of it being reported to Highways…..



7 Responses to “Tom Toms And Zebras”

  1. 1
    brian guyett:

    The lastest (and final)HAAP proposals once again ignore highways issues, despite previous written promises to the contrary. Why do our politicians keep misleading us and undermining their own credibity?
    But this isn’t simply a Hockley issue, as demonstrated by the postings below on Hambro Parade.
    Admin – can you reminder us of any proposals for long term solutions to our many highways issues?
    (PS love the caption!)

  2. 2
    Chris Black:

    Various ideas have come forward from time to time, including the one from Greenbelt. The trouble is, they would cost LOTS of money. The only way it would happen was if a scheme included lots and lots of housing as well. I would guess at thousands additional to the housing thats already been proposed.

    The new roadbuilding around Sadlers Farm was more to do with improving road connections for lorries thann for helping commuters….

    Please forgive me for such a brief responses , but its been a long day… and I want to do some more reading before tomorrow night’s council meeting !

    it’s a serious subject and I’d welcome comments from other councillors

  3. 3
    brian guyett:

    I’m sure you are right Chris but, if I recall correctly, the LDF proposals were always for “standard charges” from all the developments (ie 3,500 houses) to pay for strategic developments such as this.
    If your comments are correct, then the future is even bleaker than we thought. Has the council been misleading us yet again?
    How is the council going forward on highways?

  4. 4

    Rochford DC will always find excuses not to improve our road infrastructure. I’m sure they are only too happy that we are currently in recession as this is another let out clause which allows the to pass the buck. I have said this before and I will say it again. In the 45 years I have lived in the district of Rochford, the only contributions to improving local highways have been 1. Bradley Way, to bypass Rochford (early 1970’s). 2. Cherry Orchard Way, again as a bypass to Rochford. 3. Bradley Way as a relief road for Rayleigh High Street and 4. The Battlesbridge bypass which I believe was a County Council project anyway and is partially in Rettendon. The combined total distance of these roads actually in the RDC area, is approximately 2.5 miles so it clear that ‘LOTS’ of money as Chris states has never been spent in the past. Only 2.5 miles in 40 years works out at just 110 yards per year.
    How is it that Maldon DC manages to get bypasses at places like Maldon and even the tiny village of Southminster, plus a brand new road to South Woodham Ferrers when that was built. Meanwhile, we south of the river, get nothing. You are right Brian, again our highways issues are being ignored

  5. 5

    Correction to earlier post. Point 3. should read Websters Way not Bradley Way.

  6. 6
    John Mason:

    Chris, you said above “it’s a serious subject and I’d welcome comments from other councillors.”

    I spoke in Council last night and it was concluded that the responsibility for strategic highway infrastructure and cumulative effects lies with Essex County Council.

    Has ECC done enough to evaluate this aspect in relation to the house building…………in my opinion, No.

    It is in the hands of our Conservative County Councillors and their successors in May 2013.


  7. 7
    brian guyett:

    Good question at council John. I was struck by the apparent lack of knowledge and uncertainty on what is happening. It was clear that the council is not interested in the cumulative impact on our roads, so I think its a safe bet that things can only get worse.
    The HAAP was approved unanimously last night despite not being viable and bad for Hockley & Hawkwell. In another last minute U-turn, despite recent promises, the council has dropped Highways issues from the HAAP, claiming this will save money. In reality, it will make it easier for any developer to produce their own, favourable Transport Assessment, thus easing planning approval. The council has sold out on Hockley and the district generally. It will be an unHAAPpy new year.

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