A New Tesco Express In Brentwood

Apparently there’s a new Tesco Express opening up in a former pub in Brentwood.

We’ve had the recent experience of the Tesco opening up in London Road Rayleigh. Do any onlineFOCUS readers have any comments or advice they’d like to pass on to the Brentwood councillors ?


  1. Alison
  2. Ian Jordan

    Make sure there is enough parking and people can get out the car park without driving over grass verges

  3. brian guyett

    Judging by the fiasco at Sainsburys, Hockley, somewhere to deliver without blocking the highway and endangering pedestrians on the zebra crossing!

  4. Kris

    At 2 – great shout, the parking allowance at the Rayleigh site is pathetic. Useful store though.


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