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June 20th, 2008 |

The Officers’ Report On Asda Deliveries Application

Here’s the end of the report on the Asda delivery hours application:

4.27 The retail store was originally allowed on appeal under application reference 05/01049/REM. The store was modified by a further application to amend details to the building allowed on appeal. In the consideration of the issues concerning the provision of the store the Inspector allowed the building, subject to the specific condition limiting the delivery of goods to between 0700 hours and 2300 hours.

4.28 The applicants state that the extra hour in the morning would allow for an extra one or two deliveries. The store currently opens between 7.30am – 10pm Monday to Saturday and 10am to 4 pm on Sundays and that the restrictions in place hamper the re- stocking of the store, causing a problem in the supply of fresh goods. The applicants state the variation of the condition would reduce current problems of HGVs currently waiting at the gates in the mornings.

4.29 The Council’s Head of Environmental Services disagrees with the findings of the Delivery Noise Assessment and takes the view that the arrivals and departures will result in an unacceptable increase in noise to those residents adjoining the site fronting Priory Chase. The application should therefore be refused and the existing condition allowed to stand.

RECOMMENDATION 4.30 It is proposed that this Committee RESOLVES to REFUSE the application for the following reason:

-1 The proposed variation in hours to allow deliveries by service vehicles from 0600 hours would by way of the noise levels created by the delivery vehicles during their entry in to/exit of the delivery yard, have a significant adverse effect upon nearby residential premises. A level of 73dBLAF,max or lower must be achieved at the outside of a closed bedroom window in order to attain a reasonable internal night-time level.

The Delivery Noise Assessment submitted in support of the application indicates that this cannot be achieved at the façades of nearby closed bedroom windows. Therefore, a reasonable internal noise environment is not attainable, and certainly not during warmer weather when bedroom windows may reasonably be expected to be open.

The proposal would therefore prove detrimental to the amenity that ought reasonably be expected to be enjoyed by residents in Priory Chase adjoining the site contrary to parts (iii) and (iv) to Policy PN5 to the Rochford District Replacement Local Plan (2006).

66 Responses to “The Officers’ Report On Asda Deliveries Application”

  1. 1
    lyn hopkins:

    Just received notification of the next stage in the Asda site, buildings application – amongst those proposed,

    3 real concerns – a “drinking establishment” and a “fast food outlet” to create noise, disturbance and litter for the immediate residents …….

    and the distinct absence of the nursery and any health care set up which I believe was supposed to be part of the original application.

  2. 2

    Having just read the planning application, I welcome this application for the most part, and would encourage local residents to support the application also.

    It states in the planning application that ASDA has considered alternatives for this site. What was interesting to note the alternatives (note the plural) actually refers to a singular alternative which is a petrol station. I for one would not want this within spitting distance of my house, and am sure those living opposite the site would not want to be looking out at a petrol station either. It does also state in the application that if planning consent is not obtained, ASDA reserve the right to remove this development from Project Coral and will consider the aforemented alternative on this site. Do we really want a petrol station on this site?

    I do have two concerns only about the proposal. The first is the posibility of a drinking establishment. As this seems to be the unit with an upstairs and outside space, one can only assume that this will be a pub or winebar. Noise here will be detrimental to the quiet enjoyment of those living opposite this development in Rawreth Lane, also, if the upstairs portion is used as a secondary bar, this would cause nuisance to the apartment owners on this development.

    My second and final concern with this application is the possibility of a fast food establishment. There are already plenty of fast food establishments in Rayleigh, there are two half a mile down the road at Hambros Parade, and will thus have a detrimental financial effect on these two establishments. Also, this will cause both noise and smell pollution to those living within the immediate vacinity. Will also exaserbate the litter problem that we have had since ASDA opened. This in turn will lead to the introduction of rodents into the area.

    If this is to be a neighbourhood centre, we have to consider that the businesses that are to operate here are for the benefit of the neighbourhood. That is properties on the Laburnham Way development through to Hambros Hill. That is the local neighbourhood. Why is then that Project Coral have not questioned the neighbourhood to ascertain what types of business we as the target patrons would want and use. A takeaway and bar would bring in business from outside of the neighbourhood and thus puts a mockery on the title of this development.

    I will be writing to RDC to put my comments, as listed above, foreward.

  3. 3
    Canterbury Close Resident:

    I do recall there being a proposal for the “fast food establishment” to be a cafe/coffee shop open during daytime hours – or it was in the original plans I saw a few years ago before anything was on the site.

    I know lots of people would welcome a reasonably priced establishment such as this that is available to all – not just members of a sports centre.

    I constantly hear people, when I am in Asda, asking if there is a cafe where they can have a quick cuppa after shopping. (The other question I have also heard a lot – when I am waiting at Customer Services to sort out my bill(!!!) is “Shame you do not have a petrol station”!!

    As for the rest of the plans, I reserve judgement.

  4. 4
    Canterbury Close Resident:

    ……….. of course the worst case scenario here could be that McDonalds is the “fast food establisment”!!!! I am sure that Walmart have a tie-in with them in the USA and they have been placed in Asda stores locally in SWF and Tilbury.

    Now – McDonald’s and a pub – ahem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. 5

    You can use the cafe at the Leisure Centre without doing any sport there… just go on in….

  6. 6

    ASDA is South Woodham Ferrers in in the middle of the town centre, so a suitable place for placing McDonalds, but we are talking a neighbourhood centre, does this neighbourhood need a fast food joint that is going to attract more kids than ASDA already does, which in turn will lead to more graffiti (like that sprayed on the ASDA smoking shelter last night). I can see this neighbourhood becoming a less than desirable place to live!!

  7. 7
    Canterbury Close Resident:

    Graffiti was also sprayed at the School last night too – on their sign.

    Many people are not aware of there being a coffee shop in the sport centre – there is no signage to indicate as sucn and also, foodwise, it is fairly expensive. Perhaps Squires should consider exploiting this market – advertising in Asda perhaps?

    Please do not get me wrong, I am not in favour of either a pub or McDonalds on the vacant land. Just merely stating what was mentioned in the plans when the development was originally planned years ago. Obviously, things change and whatever goes there must be for the benefit of the whole community surely?

  8. 8

    With regard to the cafe in the leisure centre – I for one really don’t like the idea of having to go to the leisure centre reception to gain their permission to go through the barrier to access the cafe. On the two occasions however, that I have used the cafe, I have found the staff there to be far from friendly, a simple smile and hello go a long way with me!

  9. 9

    Corey do you mean the staff at reception, or the staff at the cafe?

  10. 10

    Staff in the Cafe!

  11. 11
    Mike Nobes:

    ASDA has stitched everyone up yet again. They knew what they wanted from the start and they also had a plan B. Now it is for Rochford Council to take them on head to head or is the council not up to it? Is the Conservative Council going to respect the the residents of the area or roll over and play dead?

  12. 12

    To everyone – please remember that district councillors have to decide every application on their individual planning merits. No councillor should try to make things into a gladiatorial contest!

    Whatever an applicant has done before doesn’t affect the merits of a particular application. Whatever ‘alternative uses’ an applicant points to don’t affect the merits of a particular application either….

  13. 13
    Mike Nobes:

    Well said Admin, but it does annoy when multinationals like ASDA can get away with things just because of the clout they carry. If they come up with something for the community, like a community centre or similar fine but a Pub or McDonalds in a primarily residential area, well…..

  14. 14
    Temple Way Resident:

    Again the FIRST that I heard about ASDA’s plans for a new building at the front of their site on Rawreth Lane was via your June 2008 newsletter! How can this be? Surely the council have a responsibility to formally advise local residents of planning applications?
    This ASDA store is a particular bone of contention in my household.
    I bought my property in June 2006 (before its completion) and was told by Wimpey AND my Solicitor that the land off Priory Chase would be used for a community type shopping parade e.g. a newsagent plus possibly a doctors surgery, pharmacy and childrens nursery.
    I was later told that ASDA would be building a “small Shop – something like the size of a small Tesco Metro”. To my dismay ASDA’s “small shop” is anything but!!
    In addidition to this very little thought was given to the new bus route or stop here! The single decker buses are unable to negotiate the mini roundabout on Priory Chase without reversing or mounting the pavement!!
    I am totally opposed to any further development to this site now, for whatever reason unless of course it is for residents parking. Since the very necessary double yellow lines were laid on Priory Chase many residents hve been forced to use part of the ASDA car park out of sheer necessity.
    However these double yellow lines are ignored by the Buses AND ASDA delivery vehicles!
    Why have ASDA been allowed to ride roughshod over local residents concerns?

  15. 15

    TWR I totally understand where you are coming from – we were told the same thing about ASDA when we purchased our house opposite their service yard. Had we have been told that we would have a superstore 20 feet from my bedroom, there is no way on this planet I would have purchased this property. As far as I am concerned Wimpey are more to blame here than ASDA – had Wimpeys have told the truth to perspective purchasers I doubt this homes would yet be sold, and if they were, they would not have sold for the amount they had!!

  16. 16

    I’ve probably posted this before, but I have to question what kind of shops could possibly go in this proposed location. A newsagent would just be competing with Asda (and the newsagent and mini-market at Hambro corner). Same goes for butchers, bakers, grocers etc. The Asda sells most products, even electrical, computer supplies, cards, music/dvd, so the only use for any of these shops would have to be catering (cafe or takeaway), or something more specialist like a florist, jeweller or fancy dress hire.

    I think the medical centre should be honoured, as it will add to the infrastructure that the new development draws upon. The rest of the site would probably be better put to use for resident parking, to try and prevent the sort of problems we see in Downhall Park Way that poor planning seems to bring about.

    Mind you, the reason for building the Asda and a parade of other shops would make more sense if there was a longer term plan to build a whole load more houses along Rawreth Lane, thus placing this commercial area in the centre of a residential area rather than on the edge.

  17. 17

    TWR – hear, hear!

    The planning application also mentions the addition of 19 new flats creating an even worse situation as far as parking is concerned. It is unlikely that each new resident of those flats would be a one car family in which case where else would we (and they) be expected to park? I agree, for the most part, that there need to be double yellow lines along Priory Chase, particularly between the entrance to Asda and the junction of Rawreth Lane but if permission for this build goes ahead, the only place I can forsee residents being able to park will be on Rawreth Lane itself.

    Also, like others here I am uncomfortable with the mention of drinking and eating establishments. My car has already been subjected to vandalism without such establishments being here and I think it’s only fair to say that the above mentioned establishments will undoubtedly attract the “wrong sort” of people.

    Time for me to crack on and put together my formal objection to the plans!

  18. 18

    I would have thought that a bistro/cafe/wine bar would be just the thing. One of my principal sadnesses since moving ‘down south’ is that there is relatively-little by way of a pub-culture or cafe-culture in Rawreth, a place to walk to for a break, a chat with friends over a drink and a snack.
    I live in the older part of Rawreth, yet I would happily stroll along Rawreth Lane for a glass of wine with friends in the evening. Those who live nearer to ASDA (eg. in Priory Chase/Temple Way, Laburnum-development, off Downhall Park Way, etc.) should surely have a great boon here!?!
    Plus, a coffee after shopping? Civilisation itself!

  19. 19

    Paul, those of us that live near ASDA already have the inconvenience of noisy youths (police called to Temple Way at midnight on Saturday) is just one of many instances. We were also then left to clear the rubbish they left behind – beer cans, beer bottles (both whole and smashed in the road). We already have to put up with noise from ASDA – for instance a lorry this morning at 5:35, workers in the service yard banging metal at 3:30am. We already have to put up with litter from ASDA blowing into our gardens.

    Why do you think that we would want all this exaserbated by having more noise from a wine bar? This is a residential area not a town centre. Can I ask the question, if you wanted a cafe culture or pub culture, why did you move to a quiet village?

    This set up that is being proposed will be detrimental to our legal right of a quiet enjoyment of our properties, I will most likely not be directly affected by this community area, but the houses directly across the road in both Rawreth Lane and Priory Chase will be. That is in noise levels, litter, and propety devaluation. The later will directly effect all of us in this area of Rayleigh.

    If you fancy a coffee after shopping, pop into the Leisure Centre – there is already a cafe there, and has been since the day it opened, or do what I do. Pop home and have a cuppa – much cheaper!

  20. 20
    Temple Way Resident:

    Well said Corey!!

    Paul, as a fellow ex-pat Northener I have to wonder if you are winding us up…? Having said that the cafe at Rayleigh Leisure Centre is actually licensed to sell alcohol if you fancy a civilised glass of wine, however in true NIMBY fashion if you’re craving a wine bar perhaps some enterprising soul should open one in “Old Rawreth”? The Coppice Gate residents could stroll down there for a nice glass of wine instead? Failing that Paul, I echo Corey’s sentiments, maybe you should have chosen somewhere to live matching your social requirements?

  21. 21
    Chris Black:

    Has anybody thought of trying to run a social event at the cafe for local residents (ie Temple and Priory?) . Perhaps with any profits going towards a local good cause? It might be fun, might be good for neighbourhood spirit.

    (Just a thought , please don’t shoot me down in flames!)

  22. 22

    I would be delighted to have a wine or coffee bar open in ‘Old Rawreth’! My experience elsewhere – both rural and urban, ‘up north’, and also in France, The Netherlands and Luxembourg, is that community cafes are a general boon. They of necessity need to be where people are in some concentration – that is who they serve! – and their effect is the civilizing of community life, not its coursening…

    There are of course exceptions to prove every rule, but I do not share the NIMBY anxiety, as it goes!

    (To the question about why I live where I live, it happens that I don’t get to choose. Rather, I get ‘sent’!)

    BTW, I like Chris’ suggestion. You go there for a cuppa don’t you, Chris, from time to time? I would suggest it to the management…..

  23. 23

    Paul, I agree that coffee shops have to be where there is the custom, but not in a housing estate. Like you I have lived in various places, including, various parts of essex, Wiltshire, Sussex, London, New York City and Jersey City. I have yet to come across a coffee bar in this type of residential area anywhere I have lived. Obviously in New York City, there is not this type of residential area, unless you go out into the ‘burbs of Brooklyn or slightly further onto Long Island, but even then, you will not find a coffee shop in a residential area. Only in main shopping thoroughfares.

    I am sure many people moved here for a reasonably quiet life and for the convenience of (what was supposed to be a small) ASDA and a leisure centre, a short walk away from the train station. We have already had a major fight in Temple Way (on Saturday night) which the police were conducting door to door enquiries for today. With the proposal of a drinking establishment (wine bar having been discussed) and take away, the element that these types of establishment will attract will be detrimental to the quiet life that many moved here for.

    If a coffee bar was to be placed there, and operated daytime only operating hours (until 6pm) then perhaps there might not be so much opposition? But the fear of the unknown is going to cause many a debate!

  24. 24

    From todays Echo…………………….

  25. 25

    I would welcome a small restaurant/coffee bar in or near Asda, would be lovely to be able to get a drink of some sort.

  26. 26

    Betty, there has been a cafe in the vacinity of ASDA for quiet some time now – it’s in the Leisure Centre.

  27. 27

    Corey – thanks for the link and well done on your comments! It’s a shame you didn’t mention the parking situation though.

    No matter what gets built there, it will mean a lot of us will have absolutely nowhere to park near our homes anymore, it’s a shame there aren’t more voicing their concerns about this!

  28. 28

    Sarah, park on Priory Chase. At the moment the double yellow lines are not enforceable by law. ASDA had them put in when they paid for the road to be laid. The road has not been adopted by the council and is therefore still categorised as a private road. When the road is adopted ASDA will have to put in a retrospective application for the double yellow lines, which we can all put an objection too. The lines are there so that the ASDA lorries can park up and wait for access to the service yard. So far, they are smiling, and we are all miserable. Time I think to make ASDA’s life a little more miserable.

  29. 29

    Have been doing some reading on Double Yellow Lines, and came across this. Remember when reading it that in essense, ASDA have painted their own double yellow lines.

    “Painting your own yellow lines will not have any legal jurisdiction and drivers will be free to park along them so long as they are not causing an obstruction.”

    If Priory Chase residents started parking up in Priory Chase, the ASDA lorries would be the ones causing an obstruction.

  30. 30
    Temple Way Resident:

    As Sarah says, thanks Corey for the link and your community spirit! Keep up the good work…
    Sarah, I also agree that the lack of parking is a major concern to Coppice Gate residents. In addition to this the road layout here was poorly planned so Temple Way in particular isn’t wide enough for on street parking.

    It seems that many local people are unaware of the Squires Cafe/Bar (serves coffee, food, wine/beer etc…) inside Rayleigh Leisure Centre! I think I’ve seen other comments before about the lack of advertising? – something maybe the Leisure Centre could address? I actually think the addition of a small alfresco dining area would be nice for local residents…however I personally don’t think that there is a need for another cafe in Coppice Gate.

    BTW – I too have lived in many different locations because of the nature of my job. I still get to choose where I live in each particular area though. I prefer living in a semi rural or market town community and Rayleigh fits that bill. I’m sure newcomers like me are not especially welcome by some people but I am determined to do my best to halt any further over development of Rayleigh. I enjoy living here.
    Having said that I think that Rayleigh High Street could do with a little more investment maybe the addition of a civilised wine bar for grown ups etc…?

  31. 31

    Thanks for your comments TWR, it’s appreciated.

    I’ve never seen Squires advertise, and wonder how many people either a) know of its existence and b) realise that you do not have to be a member of the centre to use that facility. Next time I am in there I’ll ask if there is any reason why they do not advertise, and certainly with the weather we have been having, some al fresco would be nice! With Squires being where it is, I see little point in another cafe opening up 100 yards down the road, although am sure that someone will say that it’s in the interest of healthy competition!

  32. 32
    Canterbury Close Resident:

    Noticed that Bidwells Estates have a sign up stating that there are six retail units to be built and let on the land in front of Asda. Expected completion date Sept 2009!!

  33. 33

    Somewhat premature when planning hasn’t been granted yet!!

  34. 34
    Canterbury Close Resident:

    My sentiments entirely!! Just off to check out their website and see what they are marketing.

  35. 35
    Canterbury Close Resident:

    Hmmmm despite some detailed searching they do not appear to have anything listed as yet!


  36. 36
    Canterbury Close Resident:

    Have round details listed on EGP Property website listed as “Neighbourhood Shopping Centre” adjacent to Asda – Six new units.

    On closer inspection of the plans the end unit appears to have some outside space allocated – this make it the prime choice for the “Cafe” methinks?

    Here is the link:-

  37. 37

    That’s the same floor plan that is with the planning application. If memory serves, it also has an upstairs floor, making it a prime location for a wine bar/bistro!

    I guess only time will tell?

  38. 38

    Corey – you mention that the double yellow lines are not enforceable by law but as far as I understand, they could be enforceable by Asda. I believe if Asda’s have posted notices somewhere saying that the road is a tow/clamping zone (and from what I gather these notices could be posted anywhere on the road and not even very visible) and they are funding the towing/clamping of vehicles then we really can’t park on the road. I obviously don’t know if there are any of these signs or if Asda has such a scheme in place though, this would all be supposition.

    More recently though I have started noticing cars parking on the road a bit further up near the Asda service entrance. Well done to whoever that is!

  39. 39

    I have not seem any signs, and as far as I am aware ASDA do not own the road. It was part of planning that they pay for the road surface to be laid, and nothing more.

    As for signage. If there was any, it has to be displayed, and can not be hidden form view. But I will check with the council and will post a response.

  40. 40

    I have spoken to the Highways Department at Essex County Council.

    The double yellow lines ARE NOT enforceable. The Highways Dept. is not happy that these yellow lines have been put down as they will have to pay for the necessary approvals for the lines to be legalised – ultimately that funding comes from the public purse.

    I spoke about the parking problems faced due to these yellow lines and the ultimate problems that residents will face when the 6 retails units and 19 flats are built and that residents may have to resort to parking on Rawreth Lane as there is no where else for them to park. He said that once adopted, it will be considered if double yellows should be placed along Priory Chase. So watch this space on that one.

    But he is going to go away and find out the time scale for adoption and who currently owns the road. He seemed to think it was Wimpeys, which would mean ASDA have no right to tow cars. But he is going to call me on Monday to confirm these details. Once I know more, I will let you know.

  41. 41
    Chris Black:

    Corey , Sarah – thanks for your comments (and Corey , thanks for your efforts on the phone)

    I have been checking the legal situation with the District Council and certainly the yellow lines are meaningless in terms of enforcement.

    If Asda did own the road then they might just be able to do some clamping. But I’ve never seen anyone claim that they do.

  42. 42

    Thanks Corey, that’s some good digging there! The last time I attempted such a thing I was pushed from pillar to post and gave up in a fit of frustration in the end not knowing who the road belonged to or who to complain to, so I’m really pleased that you managed to make some headway there.

    I wonder why, if the road does belong to George Wimpey, they decided the double yellows were a good idea? It also begs the question that if the lines are not enforceable, then why put them down in the first place? Sounds like some bizarre decision making went on that day!

  43. 43

    My feeling is that ASDA (who were tasked with laying the road) had the double yellows put down to prevent residents from parking which would mean that their lorries could park without blocking traffic flow.

    Too be honest when it comes to ASDA I will dig and dig and dig until I get the result that I am looking for. The way I feel about them at the moment, I will do almost anything to make their lives the misery they are making mine.

    Let’s just hope in the long term, Highways instruct ASDA to have the double yellows removed, and it will once again become parking for residents. I see little reason why ASDA deliveries can’t park on the A1245 just before the Carpenters Arm roundabout where there is parking and are called by ASDA when they are ready to accept the delivery. Which is exactly what the contractors that built the store used to do.

    I had yet another night of interrupted sleep last night – after the mopeds finally cleared off at 3:30am this morning, at 4:00am ASDA workmen decided to move stuff around in the service yard making a racket!

  44. 44
    Canterbury Close Resident:

    Asda lorries do park in the lay-bys on the A1245 – I regularly see them at all times of the day and evening when I pass.

    Corey – were you not disturbed by the searchlights and noice of an extremely low flying Police helicopter last night – sometime around 11.00 p.m. I think?

  45. 45

    those mo-peds are actually from someone living on priory chase, a family member and his friends shooting round the area at all hours

  46. 46

    CCR – Having now fitted curtains with black out lining, and have again resorted to keeping windows closed at night, I have to say we were not disturbed by anything last night.

    I wish I knew what house it was where those moped owners live – I’d have no problem knocking on their door at 3 in the morning disturbing them. Am sure if I did it frequently enough they may do something about their delinquent child and his friends.

  47. 47

    CCR – glad I’m not the only one who was kept awake by that blasted helicopter last night! If it’s not early deliveries, noisy kids, speeding motorbikes down rawreth lane then it would be the copper chopper, wouldn’t it?!?!?

  48. 48
    Canterbury Close Resident:

    Any news on what the Copper Chopper was up to last night?

  49. 49


    the house in question is a corner plot house, keep an eye out and you will see the scooters around

  50. 50

    sarah the chopper was not actually a police one, unless tey have spent a few million on forces grade versions it was one of our army flight core (not sure what it was doing though)!!!

  51. 51
    Graham Osborn:

    they could of been looking for a good wateringhole

  52. 52
    Canterbury Close Resident:

    ….. well that chopper shone its lights into my bedroom for what seemed like ages!!

  53. 53

    whatever chopper it was, it spooked my dog and also my daughter’s dog who is staying with us whilst they are on holiday!! It was loud, low, very visible at 12.09a.m. (just after midnight) the lights were shining bright and although the chopper was not visible until I went into the garden, it was then apparent the chopper was immediately over my house. Saying that, my 84 yr old mother,who was also staying with us at the time, slept through the whole event!!! The dogs were, however, very disturbed by it and took some time to calm down after 12.23 am when the chopper decided to slowly move away. Surely someone – air traffic control? should give some answers.

  54. 54

    Here is the answer. Someone had slit their wrists and run off bleeding profusely, and the police were called to look for them. Given the nature of the area, they used a helicopter to search for the person. They were not able to locate the person concerned but they turned up safe early the next morning.

    Rita, I think that you need to get a perspective on things – disturbed dogs etc are nothing. Whatever the helicopter was doing, it was doing police work, and if it was you who had been burgled, had your car stolen, mugged, raped or whatever else and the police officer attending told you ‘Sorry, we can’t use the helicopter to search for the criminal because we have too many complaints from residents about the noise it makes’

    At least three times over the past few months I’ve been woken by the helicopter noise at night, and while it may be annoying I know that there must be a good reason for them to be there.

  55. 55
    Chris Black:

    Anonymous, many thanks for this information, which certainly puts a new light on things.

    To be fair to Rita, she didn’t know it was a police helicopter – in fact one of our previous commentators had suggested it was an army one.

    I don’t think anyone would complain at all about a police chopper in the area at any time….

  56. 56
    Priory Resident:

    In Response to the article from the Evening Echo, posted by Corey, How appropriate that no one from ASDA were available to comment?

    I think it is absurd that Matthew Featherstone has not once communicated to local resident’s, right from the word go, and judging by the state of the store, its being run into the ground. [EDITED BY ADMIN]

    People of Temple/Priory and Rayleigh, vote with your feet, it is the only way that large corporations like this stand up and take notice. Shop elsewhere.

  57. 57
    Canterbury Close Resident:

    Interested to know how the store is being “run into the ground”!

    I believe that the store is one of the most profitable Asdas around – from what I have heard whilst shopping in the store and keeping my ears open?

    Also, for me the store has been a Godsend – it has saved me money, petrol and time in not having to drive a 12 mile round trip to Tescos on the A127 or Asda in SWF – and in this day and age that must be a good thing? Reducing carbon footprints and all that?

    Finally, did those people moving into new properties on Temple Way/Priory Chase not know the extent of the store and consider the implications thereto? We certainly did from plans that were freely available to view publicly? Unless Wimpey were being economical with the truth in their efforts to make quick sales and misleading people of course?

    I have lived on several new developments and always made an effort to check out what is to be built nearby and realise the implications of such developments – e.g. when I lived in Shotgage and the A130 expansion was mooted!.

    Just my humble opinion!

  58. 58

    CCR – I agree with you that having an Asda’s just across the way is very handy, although I tend to shop elsewhere when doing a full shop purely because I can’t find half the things I want in Asda!

    As for considering the implications of having this store where it is, I suppose that is something that comes with experience. This is the first new development my partner had bought and, whilst we knew there was the potential for a supermarket being built across the way, we never imagined the problems it could bring with it, nor did we know that there would be scope for further planning applications on the same site!

    As you’ve all probably gathered by now, my biggest issue with this area is the parking situation on Priory Chase, and when I moved in I never expected this to be such a big issue. It was only after the double yellow lines were layed down and I started talking to others I know who live on new developments that I now realise that parking is an issue in most new developments! Like I said, experience counts for a lot and, for some of us, this is a first for us.

  59. 59

    Chris, thanks for your comments – and also Anonymous for your cynical comments! We were all wondering what the chopper was doing and for such a long period. I was merely stating what happened in my house and not moaning about the fact that they were obviously looking for something, or someone.

  60. 60

    CCR, as previously mentioned on this site, myself and my partner have only ever purchased new properties, this being our 4th in about 12 years in the UK as well as a condo in New York City. So we are very well aware of the economical truth that is given by developers. However, I would say that even economical truth was taken to an all new low by Wimpey Sales.

    Myself and my partner did look at the plans when we purchased our property almost 3 years ago now, and I have to say the plans that were available at the time, are completely different to the store we now have before us. I should also point out that at this moment in time we are in the middle of a legal battle with Wimpeys (over a construction issue) and have to say that again they have been seriously economical with information given to our solicitors and also to the NHBC.

    As for your comments about ASDA being a profitable store. How can this be? I have been into the store during various times during the day to find shelves empty. It’s hardly surprising that people are spending less on weekly shopping in ASDA, there is only half the choice if the store was fulling stocked, and even then would still have half the choice of Tesco.

    I use the store only in an emergency and use Tesco for weekly shops. There are plenty of other ways I can reduce my carbon footprint.

  61. 61
    Canterbury Close Resident:

    Corey – I have it on very good authority that the store is trading well above target at the moment!! The store appears to be winning over customers that would usually visit the likes of Tesco, Sainsbury etc in the current climate. I am sure you have seen in the press recently that they have become Top Supermarket for the 11th year running? I, for one, cannot afford to do a full shop at Sainsburys anymore – it is just too expensive.

    I do a full shop at Asda every week (for a family of four) and prefer it to the larger stores – not so much temptation – but still a few clothes and extras etc – it suits me, and loads of Mums at the School etc, fine. I also pop in to top up on fresh items too.

    As for the shelves being empty – here is the catch 22 – if they cannot have the deliveries they want then they cannot get the stocks into the store and onto the shelves. Although, I must say that when I go into the store, just after school drop-off, the shelves always look well stocked to me and it only seems to be at the end of the day when the shelves are empty – no doubt due to the amount of shoppers filling their baskets with bargains throughout the day?

    I agree with what you say about developers though – been there done that!! Wish you well with your battle and if you need any legal advice please feel free to email me?

  62. 62

    CCR – if they can not get all the goods they need to operate a store with full shelves that is open for 13 and half hours in the 15 hour delivery window Monday to Saturday, and the 15 hour delivery window on a Sunday for the 6 hours of trading, then sorry, that indicates poor management to me. Anyone care to agree with me?

    However, perhaps you would like to walk in our shoes for 5 minutes (perhaps at 6:30 on a Sunday morning when we are woken by an out of hours delivery) and then perhaps you might be singing from the same hymm sheet as those of us that have to deal with their inconsiderate and anti-social behaviour!

  63. 63

    Forgot to thank you for your offer of legal advice, and if we find we need it, will certainly be straight onto the computer emailing over!

  64. 64
    Canterbury Close Resident:

    Corey – I did not say I agreed with their delivery practices.

    Thanks for the offer of popping round – think I will stick to this end of the park LOL!

  65. 65

    Very nice (not!), noisy delivery attempt at 6:10 this morning, driver banging on gates and shouting to be let in! I wonder how many more emails we have to send over to RDC before they stop doing their nice little visits to have a chat with the manager, (who promises it will be looked into and won’t happen again), and they actually do something about it!

  66. 66
    Mark Hooper:

    Is it me or do the Asda delivery lorries seem to be getting bigger? If bigger lorries means fewer deliveries, then perhaps that’s better for the environment, but on the other hand is Rawreth Lane built for the additional weight? I suspect not!

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