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June 28th, 2008 |

Any Thoughts On the State Of Sweyne Park?

In the last couple of months we’ve had a few complaints about the state of Sweyne Park – about the general tidiness of the place, high hedges etc. The District Council has recently changed over to a new contractor, and this probably caused some short-term problems.

Having a look round today things looked reasonably good now – although there’s some long grass by Downhall Park Way/ Bristol Close, a missing litter bin in the play areas and (predictably) some grafitti.

Any thoughts from anybody else on the park?

53 Responses to “Any Thoughts On the State Of Sweyne Park?”

  1. 1
    Buzz Lightyear:

    Not really a comment on the state of the park itself, but yesterday i had a child run out in front of me from behind a parked car on the bend by the park.

    Fortunately i was going very slowly & managed to stop in plenty of time, but i hate to think what would have happened if i was going any faster, or if one of the usual speed demons was heading the other way.

    Is there anything that can be done? It’s an accident waiting to happen………

  2. 2
    Temple Way Resident:

    George Wimpey (Coppice Gate, Rayleigh) made a big play in their sales material on the housing development being part of a “wider scheme” stating ” A cycle/footpath is to link the area to an open green space and lead towards the town centre”.
    When I queried this with the Wimpey sales office I was told that this route would use the land opposite St Nicholas Primary School on Priory Chase and cut across Sweyne Park to the A129 in the vicinity of Rayleigh Station.
    This seems to me to be a sensible plan, it would be a greener, healthy alternative for local residents to use for commuting via the train station, school children, shopping in high street, use of Rayleigh sports centre etc, etc…

    I am not a regular user of Sweyne Park so it wouldn’t be fair for me to comment specifically on the state of the park but a path and cycle route would surely increase the use of the park?

    I will however comment on the state of the waste land opposite St Nicholas Primary School on Priory Chase. This area is in a disgraceful overgrown mess and in urgent need of meaningful recreational use.

    Does anyone know:-
    1) If the plan for a cycle/footpath from Coppice Gate to the Town Centre is a reality or just a cynical sales pitch by Wimpey?
    2) What is planned for the waste land at the bottom of Priory Chase?


  3. 3
    Chris Black:

    Buzz – First of all, well done for driving slowly.

    Ron and I have taken somene from County Highways down to this very spot. They don’t see there’s a problem. Frustrating isn’t it?

    In the absence of any action from our County Councillor, one way forward would be to get a petition from residents asking for parking restrictions here but to do that woudl need:

    1) A clear idea of where you actually want to putyellow lines.
    2) Virtually no opposition from other residents.
    3) Willingness of the County Council to pay the legal costs of installing the lines.
    4) Willingness of the district council to enforce them.

    Another way forward would be to get drivers to slow down by extra road markings, different road surface, warning signs, or one of those signs that flashes at you when you go to fast. Maybe that’s the best approach?

    TWR – there should be a path to the park, but the rest sounds like poetic license. Ron’s be pushing to get more money spent on the park, but without success so far.

    The overgrown area is where the football pitches are going to go – see

  4. 4

    With regards to the state of the park, I noticed that some of the soft flooring around the play equipment in the playground is shrinking, leaving big gaps at the edges. Also the new 4×4 car feature is smaller than the item it replaced, so the soft flooring doesn’t run right up to it. At my daughter’s school, a similar gap was left when their new playground was installed, and a child tripped over the gap and broke their arm, so children/parents using the clover leaf playground need to be aware of this potential hazard.

    I think it could be claimed that the cyclepath/bridle way around Sweyne Park does indeed head towards the town centre, you would have to exit into Dowhall Park Way and cut through to Eastcheap or Caterbury Close/Deepdene then Downhall Road. There is an exit into Sweyne School’s grounds, but this is closed outside of school hours and I’m not sure what the access rights are. The other exit would take you onto Victoria Road and then London Road, but that’s not too direct for the town centre. I can’t see how they could put in any other exits due to the devlopments that surrond the park on all sides.

    As to the parking issue, I guess we’ll have to wait until someone if run down before anything is done. Pointless speed limit changes seem to be no problem, but something that really is a safety issue is ignored.

    I don’t believe different road surfaces will help, it is not always clear what they signify. They could also be a noise issue for people living nearby, if the surface is coarser or undulating. Road signs and speed activated warnings may help, but I’m not sure speed is the issue – a motorist doing 20mph with reduced visibility is still dangerous. Besides, they don’t tackle the root cause, which is poor parking.

    That leaves yellow lines, but are they actually necessary? The highway code clearly states that you should not park on a bend or within a certain distance of a junction. Would this not mean that any vehicle in contravention of this could be ticketed, yellow line or not?

    To link back to the original subject of state of Sweyne Park, the issue at the entrance to the playground is not helped by the grass being allowed to grow too high, restricting the view of people exiting the park.

  5. 5
    Canterbury Close Resident:

    The junction parking distance is 9 metres – so I wish that the young lady, who regularly parks actually on the give way lines to the mini-roundabout near the Sports Centre, would take note of this and the fact that her negligent parking causes people to have to swerve onto the other side of the road, blocks visibility for traffic coming out of the junctions and is a hazzard!!

    Also I am totally amazed at the Downhall School parents that park on the bend at the junction of Harberts Way and Downhall Park Way – I came within a whisker of hitting a child on Friday morning (I hasten to add it was one of the offending parkers children!) as they ran out fron behind their own car. I was doing less that 5 mph and was totally aware of the situation that was likely to happen. I did pull over and mention that the illegally parked car was blocking all visibility on the corner and we were lucky that there had not been a fatality!! I will look with interest this afternoon to see if the same car is there!!

  6. 6
    Trevor Parrett:

    It is a great shame that this local issue was overtaken by National Issues at the last election!!

  7. 7
    Buzz Lightyear:

    Hi Chris,

    Would it be possible to get a firm answer from the police on the legality of parking on the bend by the park ?
    i would guess if its actually illegal to park there, then it may make getting action taken a little easier.


  8. 8

    Buzz, it would be nice to get feedback from the police on the legality of the situation, but since the police are no longer responsible for parking enforcement, I’m not sure how helpful they can be.

  9. 9
    Trevor Parrett:

    I think parking on a bend on a housing estate is currently classed as legal officially, albeit dangerous!

  10. 10
    Richard Levy:

    Talking of the new “4 x 4″ kids car in the playground, I’ve never seen anything so daft in all my life. It’s like taking an area the size of a footie pitche and giving the kids pea to kick around. Really, could the Council have got anything smaller to replace the existing ‘truck’? Perhaps a dinky car. Also, on Tuesday I found that the steering wheel had been stolen already. How very sad.

  11. 11
    Simon Jenkins:

    Very true Richard. I think the Council have been very irresponsible as well allowing the new kiddie car to be used by children whilst the surrounding ground has not been made good. For any parents that haven’t taken a look yet, the new car is considerably smaller than the original so the sponge flooring doesn’t yet meet the car. I’m sure this will be fixed by the Council but in the mean time the new car should have been cordoned off. Even with parents keeping an eye out it’s an accident waiting to happen. Very dangerous.

  12. 12

    Don’t hold your breath on expecting a fast fix remedy to the sponge flooring. I raised the same point about the gap around the perimeter of the flooring around the old truck and this was in January. I recall the date as it was in response to the first On-line Focus podcast.

    By the way Admin, why have we never had any further podcasts?

  13. 13

    Greenbelt – two good points you raise. We’ll come back to you on the sponge flooring.

    As for podcats, a good friend of onlinefocus has been gently hinting to us for some time that we did another one.

    Now that we’ve upgraded the software (after the ‘redirection hack’ a few weeks ago ) there are some extra features that may make podcasts easier. Watch this space.

  14. 14
    Deanne Hooper:

    As it was such a lovely evening I took my 4 and 8 year old to Sweyne park last night. It was only 5.30pm and I was shocked by the state of the park. There had obviously been some sort of fire that had burnt down the wooden post at the entrance. We then went in to the play area to be dissapointed by the new car that had already been broken. The ongoing issue with the flooring as already mentioned above is no further forward.

    A large group of teenagers who obviously had nothing to do had taken over most of the play equipment, looped the swings over, were standing on top of the see-saw and lying all over the bottom of the slide. My children were too reluctant to use any of this equipment and were intrigued by the language they were hearing! My 8 year old asked why they were allowed to play football inside the play area whilst I made him play outside due to the sign stating “no ball games”, a question I really couldn’t answer.
    Also the grafitti and rubbish…. I could go on…..

    What a shame that such a beautiful area of open space in our community is being made a “no go” zone in the early evenings.

  15. 15
    Chris Black:

    Deanne, thanks for your comment, I’ve forwarded your words onto Rochford District Council this morning and asked if they can deal with the following:

    – looking after the little car in the play area, and completing the flooring around it
    – a general litter clear up around the play area and the wall and the lake – and a more frequent emptying of the bins
    – the burnt wooden post being made safe or removed
    – the metal gate put back on its hinges.

  16. 16
    onlineFOCUS - news and stuff for Rochford District » Blog Archive » Police Patrols:

    […] we wrote about Sweyne Park recently we got quite a few comments back, some of which were passed on to PC Wyn […]

  17. 17
    Richard Levy:

    I’ve noticed whilst walking my little boy around the Sweyne Park bridal path (and park) the last few weeks the litter has increased by more than double. Also, I would hazard that at least 80% of the litter I see bears the ASDA brand name.

    Since the opening of ASDA has clearly vastly contributed to the amount of litter around the paths and park perhaps the Council (or Councillors) could approach ASDA with the suggestion that members of their staff take a walk round the park, bridal path and kiddie area every few mornings to collect up litter with their name.

    I know this is perhaps the Councils job but remember that McDonalds and alike have staff clearing up outside their stores so why not have ASDA do the same for the community?

  18. 18
    Richard Levy:

    Readers will be pleased to know the flooring around the kiddie car (mentioned above) in the play area has been fixed. The flooring is so vast though it makes the car look even smaller. The car still isn’t fixed and by the look of it the youth mentioned above (or others) are working hard to take the car apart bolt-by-bolt, component-by-component – probably to reconstruct it in the their own garden!! I found a couple of the bolts several feet from the car. Come on Council, get it fixed with the best security bolts on the market and this time actually tighten them properly.

  19. 19

    Richard Levy – We too have noticed a considerable increase in rubbish and litter, mostly Asda origin but what troubled us was the amount of beer/coke cans around the bridle path that had been “chewed” up by the grass cutter that had been there earlier in the day. They were a danger to dogs, horses and young children who use the path regularly. Also why has not the grass been cut on the park itself this year? It is now looking more like a waste ground than a beautiful area for all to use. Previous years have seen the pathways across the park kept trim and the whole park given a haircut at least once a year. Who is responsible for the maintainance of Sweyne Park? because they are clearly not doing their job.

  20. 20
    Chris Black:

    Hi Rita – Rochford District Council are responsible…..

  21. 21

    Thanks Chris – I will be in touch with them and will let you know what, if any, response I get.

  22. 22

    Further to the rubbish and litter cropping up. There is broken glass scattered over the road at the roundabout at the far end of Priory Chase outside of the school. I often see youths sitting around this roundabout. I wouldn’t say this is related to Asda just kids loitering around making the place look untidy and causing problems like this.
    Does Priory Chase get a road sweeper in for this kind of thing or as the road is not adopted yet does the resposibilty lay elsewhere?

  23. 23

    David – The responsibility is with the builders until the road is adopted. The residents in the road which I live, Salisbury Close, have been in touch with the builders, Bellwich Homes, who have agreed to sweep and deal with the weeds etc. but as yet nothing has happened. The residents of Priory Chase and the school have to keep hounding Wimpey for the road to be upkept because, apart from collecting household rubbish, the District Council will do nothing at all. Kelso Close which has been built for around 4 years has still not been adopted. So, why/ when/what/how do we overcome this problem with the district council?

  24. 24
    Richard Levy:

    Maybe the state of the park and bridal path etc and the lack of grass cutting is down to the new contractors dealing with such matters for Rochford Discount Council. You may have seen their red vans around the area.

  25. 25
    Chris Black:

    I spoke to Geoff Dawson today, the officer in charge of open space maintenance at the District Council. He told me that the farmer cut the grass today – the cut has been delayed due to the wet August, but this will have the beneficial effect of more butterflies …

    As for the general litter situation he is aware of it, but will have another look. He told me that the litter problem has greatly increased in the park and around the skateboard area since Asda opened.

    Ron is planning to apeak about Sweyne Park at the West Area committee this week.

  26. 26

    I am not a fan of Asda but why does it so often sound as if they are to blame for litter. I know they have a form of responsibility and the Macdonalds scenario where staff patrol the surrounding area has been mentioned, but I do not see the correlation in this example.
    People cause litter and what we are talking about is caused by youths. This shouldn’t be ignored. Youth workers, council staff and police need to be directed into sorting these issues out as they occur and then assisted and supported by the public.

  27. 27
    Chris Black:

    David, I don’t think it’s a question of blame – any supermarket there would have produced more litter – but it is an explanation.

  28. 28

    The blame for youths creating litter lies,initially, with the parents. If children are taught from a very young age that throwing litter is not acceptable this carries on throughout life. My grandsons who are aged 17, 15 and 11 all bring their litter back home if there are no bins around because they have been shown how to respect their surroundings.

  29. 29
    Ian Jordan:

    Good to see the long grass has been cut and was being baled up as a cut through the park today.

  30. 30
    Ian Jordan:

    Not so good that a large patch of grass has been set alight. Hopefully it will grow back OK

  31. 31

    I took my kids to the Cloverleaf Playground at Sweyne Park yesterday, and was pretty disappointed by the state of the place. Much of the play equipment is covered in graffiti, and there was lots of litter everywhere, including broken glass, beer bottle tops and beer cans. My 4 year old also informed me that she was disappointed that the 4×4 car feature still did not have it’s steering wheel replaced!

    The carpark was also strewn with litter, including KFC takeaway boxes (I don’t know where the nearest KFC is, I thought it was at Mayflower retail park, so people obviously travel quite away to litter our park), and the road and ditches that border the park – Downhall Park Way and Bristol Close – are also covered in litter including beer cans and other drinks containers.

    I think it is starting to let the appearance of the area down.

    When was the last time the graffiti was cleared up at the park, I remember there was some correspondence on this site relating to this issue recently? Has the graffiti on the bridge over the brook in DPW been cleaned up?

  32. 32
    Janet Warner:

    I too have been dissapointed in the deterioration in standards at Sweyne Park. Dog mess is less of a problem than horse droppings. People have commented on this as they cycle around with their children in particular. The area around & in the lake is frequently strewn with rubbish, & the lifebelts missing from their posts. I get concerned for the safety of the ducks & their young every year, let alone the human young who might fall in! The rubbish appears far worse behind Sweyne school. I have complained about this before & things improve for a little while, before deteriorating again. Can I suggest a few more litter bins are sited around the park? I know we can’t make people use them, but the more concientious among us would at least have somewhere to put items we pick up!
    We also have litter problems in Maine Crescent/Hartford Close, but no litter bins. In response to my query about this RDC said they had installed another bin at the junction of Victoria Rd & Cheapside West!
    I thought the Housing Association was going to appoint someone who had an overview of play areas & open spaces, to monitor these issues?

  33. 33

    Years ago Local Authorities appointed park keepers to deal with these problems in public parks, but it seems this role has vanished.
    I realise that individual park keepers would now be a great expense but roving keepers could be the answer. Give them a small pick-up vehicle with a quad bike on the back and they could cover a number of parks. The quad bike is suggested in order that the keeper can cover the larger areas like Sweyne Park in a shorter time and also chase offenders if caught carrying out anti-social acts.

  34. 34
    Temple Way Resident:

    Can’t wiat to see the mess the local youths leave on the new football pitches (Priory Chase) when they are laid – watch that space…..

    Oh and yet more antisocial yobs attracted by the hot food take aways that will be built on the Asda site….

  35. 35

    Cannot wait to see how new proposed country park in rawreth is maintained judging by sweyne park do not see how we deserve it as we are unable to deal with existing mess and anti social behaviour .The existing rolling fields are much preferable to the impending artificial landscape unless of course it is designed by capability brown !!!

  36. 36

    Going back to Greenbelt’s point regarding park keepers, I’m pretty certain that there are other areas of the council budget that we’d be happy to cut in order to fund a role that could actually benefit the residents of the district.

  37. 37

    Following my last comment on Park Keepers, local authorities have recently been given greater powers to fine offenders in quite a number of categories. I am sure that many of the problems we are experiencing could be dealt with under this new legislation.
    Are Admin in a position to advise on this?

  38. 38
    Chris Black:

    I’m expecting an email from RDC tomorrow about the state of the park…

  39. 39
    Richard Levy:

    …and the award for the most unloved kiddie play area goes to…the one on the London Road (near Swallows Aquatics). I take my little boy to several play areas in Rayleigh, the one in King George’s park (10/10), the one in Sweyne Park (7/10), the one near Salem Walk (5/10) but the worst for upkeep and TLC is the one on London Road. I don’t know why RDC has condemned it to a ‘slow death’.

    The grass hasn’t been mowed in weeks and is now at 2 or 3” in length (hiding I don’t want to know what), the play bark from the tyre swing is all over the place (don’t you love the kids who use it to meet at night!). Is there no better solution to this bark?

    The place is littered with fag ends. Under the slide set there are glass fragments (and weeds), which have been there for MONTHS (a sign this area is NEVER swept by the Council). There’s graffiti on the floor, thankfully nothing offensive!

    I take my little boy to the park daily as it has better size equipment for his age and every day I have to clean up rubbish left from the previous nights, “meet”. Bottles, cans and all sorts (those kids again). I recently found a used condom, which I kicked on to a fence and yes, weeks later it’s still hanging there. Mind you, of the two bins, one has been laying on the ground for ages still not cemented back.

    I also notice allot of the young trees near the slide set and round-a-about have been hacked away. Surely not by the Council since they never seem to be there.

    The most annoying thing is the kids who meet at night either wind the swings around the upper frame or worse still wind the swings up around their own chain.

    Locking the park at night would be a waste of time as the fence is too low. Maybe a new higher fence, locked gate and more lighting. There must be something RDC can do. Any thoughts anyone?

  40. 40
    Chris Black:

    Richard , thanks for this.

    King George’s playspace is solely under the control of Rayleigh Town Council – I phoned them and they were very pleased to hear your 10/10

    The Sweyne Park playspace is solely managed by RDC.

    Some other play spaces are now owned by the Housing Association but RDC clean them. and I believe they use the same contractor that the district council uses, in their own contract.

    I am passing your comments right now to RDC and will post their response here.

  41. 41

    I agree with your comments, King Georges park is excellent a fantastic place to let the children play, well equipped and maintained.

  42. 42
    Richard Levy:

    Thanks Chris. I’d love to meet a rep’ from RDC or whomever is meant to clean or look after the kids play area in London Road (I am available most mornings before until 11am).

    I’m happy to shown them some of the problems and that condom. Obviously some days aren’t as bad but the lack of TLC is open for all to see both in this kiddie area and the one in Salem Walk too.

    As you kind of suggest, this kiddie area (and the one near Salem Walk) are located within social housing and I’m sure that doesn’t help in the evenings with whomever is using them as social clubs. I said kids above but maybe it’s adults, I don’t know. It’s right off the London Road and anyone can wander on in.

  43. 43
    Richard Levy:

    Does anyone know if the steering wheel saga referred to by myself in July 2008 and ST1 back in October 2008 will ever be resolved? Visited the kids area in Sweyne Park very recently and was amazed that it’s still AWOL. I think the big slide/climbing frame there could do with some mayor TLC too but overall a nice play area.

  44. 44

    I took my kids to Sweyne Park Cloverleaf playground during the Easter holiday, and if I recall correctly, the Jeep dash board panel has been replaced, but I think the steering wheel has gone missing again.

    There seems to be no improvement in the Graffiti either, a school friend of my 8 year-old was very concerned about the swear words that were scrawled on the see-saw they were using.

    I notice one of the political leaflets that I got through the door this week had an item on the “youth shelters” that are going up. It stated that they were making a real difference. Is there any evidence of this, and if so, would they make any improvement to the playground areas in our district?

  45. 45
    Richard Levy:

    Well, it’s a good start. The grass has been cut in the London Road kiddie play area (along with all the grass in the surrounding area – I didn’t realise it was a once or twice a year thing!), the bin has been straightened up (but not cemented back in the ground so that’ll be a five minute wonder) and the weeds are gone. However, the crew obviously didn’t carry a broom with them as the glass particles are still under the slide set and the bark is still getting chucked around at night. I guess you can’t have everything.

  46. 46

    Richard, I’ve phoned the officer at Rochford who tried to sort this out, and thanked her for what’s been done so far.

  47. 47
    Richard Levy:

    …and that condom in the London Road kiddie area. Still hanging on the fence. Horrible.

    Got the low down on the steering wheel on the kids truck in the Sweyne Park kiddie area. Apparently the dashboard and steering wheel were replaced recently but some lovely person has stolen just the wheel this time around.

  48. 48
    Janet Warner:

    My friend & I walk round Sweyne Park regularly, & feel that there has been a deterioration in overall appearance of late. The hedges near Victoria Ave are not too bad, but some of the rest of it is in dire need of a trim! I don’t think there are any birds nests to worry about now.
    What concerns us are the bits hanging over the path, some with prickles on, & at just the right height to hit a child in the face. My friend diligently breaks the worst of them off.
    Litter also seems more prolific. A few more bins might help.
    Horse & dog “poo” also seems worse. Yesterday we actually saw a man allow his dog to foul at the edge of the path & walk straight past! I was tempted to challenge him, but as he was a lot younger than us with two dogs, I felt discretion was the better part of valour on this occasion. I will however challenge children who drop litter.
    What is the answer to these problems?
    What happened to the Park Wardens that RDC was going to employ. A once a week inspection would nip potential problems in the bud, especially any “Elf & safety” issues.
    With regard to the play area near London Rd & Salem Walk; I’ve given up! This area, (Hartford Close/Maine Crescent/Boston Ave) seems to be the “poor relation” when it comes to general maintenance.
    Jackie Dillnut & I thought we had won an important battle a couple of years ago, when we got RDC to improve arrangements for the maintenance of play equipment in these areas.
    According to Richard Levy it appears it was short lived. Older children & teenagers certainly do congregate in the play areas in the evenings.
    The Pearsons Farm Estate was originally built as Council Housing, but is now mainly owner occupiers I believe, so the “Social Housing” tag really doesn’t apply.

  49. 49
    Tony Moore:

    There has been discussion recently regarding proposals to erect a teen shelter on the park. I believe that the council would be better focussing on providing a “fit for purpose” car park. The very poor state of the car park which currently resembles a lake does not enable people to use the park properly. They now regularly park on Downhall Park Way adding to the existing traffic and right of way problems. The impermeable surface of the carpark has been allowed to deteriorate significantly due to a lack of essential maintenance and last autumns attempts to patch up the craters with grit have only made the situation worse. More seriously however, surface water runs off of the park, across the car park and access road to the allotments and into the neighbouring houses gardens threatening to flood their property. The council’s belief that this is due to a blocked drain doesn’t hold water if you will pardon my pun! I believe its a lack of drainage on the car park that is the cause and this needs urgent investigation and rectification. I would also like to express my horror at the dreadful piles of grey gravel that have been dumped at several points around the entrance to the park. What an eyesore! If the council does not care enough to properly maintain the park entrance how can they expect the users of the park to respect and keep it a nice place to visit?C:\Documents and Settings\Tony\My Documents\My Pictures\2010-02-22 001

  50. 50
    Rayleigh Resident:

    NO NO NO TO TEEN SHELTER – I would urge all local residents to make sure that they attend the meeting scheduled for the 4th March where this will be discussed. Please don’t think that if you don’t live by the park this will not affect YOU. If your home is on any of the access roads to the park ( Downhall Road etc ) then you will be affected. These youths have to get the park somehow and it’s a fact that they use mobiles & the internet to travel from Southend / Rochford & Hullbridge etc in large numbers. Think about this – it’s quiet at the moment due to the bad weather – then think about the warm summer nights and dozens of these youths outside YOUR home at 11.00pm on Friday / Saturday night….probably drunk…

    Chris / Ron – can you please publish again the details of the meeting – it’s vital that people know & attend.

  51. 51

    Rayleigh Resident – we will be previewing the West Area meeting in the next day or so.

  52. 52

    I was walking passed a bus shelter in the village of Comberton in Cambridgeshire yesterday and I noticed an advert for a ‘Youth Centre double decker bus’ which visits villages in that area. I considered this to be a great idea and far better than a teen shelter. What do you think Admin?

  53. 53
    Rayleigh Resident:

    Not sure the best place for this post but if you are one of the ignorant people that are letting their dogs poop all over the pavement in Downhall Park Way then stop it and clear up after your dog.

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  • Angelina: Toby, the candidates views on this little article might make interesting debate at Friday’s hustings.
  • Toby Mountain: I hope UKIP don’t read this article – They’ll be outraged!
  • admin: Thanks Green Belt. …
  • Jim Cripps: To be honest they all annoy me , it seems to be a daily menu of promises trying to out bid each other for...
  • Greenbelt: Chris. A location suggestion which is not commonly known. As it’s only open in summer months, now is...
  • A.Matthews: Did not go to hustings,but I do despair that UKIP are taken seriously as they only have one rather...
  • bruce smart: Judging by last nights performance at Holy Trinity one question would be does the UKIP candidate know...
  • Rob Brown: A maths teacher, very interesting. Would be keen to hear his views on AS levels (would he abolish or...
  • James Newport: Chris – I was not saying that should he not stand your votes would go to Linda, although opinion...
  • Chris Black: I can remember going there when I was primary school age. I think what makes it special is that you...
  • Jim Cripps: Oz ( the not so positive these days ) is I think right , the previous majority is so large that turning...
  • Jim Cripps: About 5 years ago the National Trust people asked for ideas for the Mount – I suggested that a...
  • Oz the Positive: Mike@21, I would not worry too much, there is absolutely no chance that Pitt the Remote will be our...
  • Oz the Positive: For luck you mean other tax payers funding their choice of lifestyle ?
  • admin: are assuming that if Mike wins he won’t move to Rayleigh, that’s not the case! Mike...

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