Such Strange Arts

Such Strange Arts are a young band from Rayleigh…. here’s their first video, featuring Amber Satchwell…

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  1. karen yates

    If you like ‘Goodnight’ you can find the boys band page on facebook and you can listen to their recently recorded ep.

  2. sarah kirby

    If you love this song its available to buy on amazon, Google play amd spotify .xx

  3. Amber Rose

    Such Strange Arts are such great guys, their gigs are awesome – if you really like the song you should definitely see them live!x

  4. Chris Black

    I think (at 54) I’m a touch on the old side to come to one of their gigs :(

    But I do like to listen to a bit of guitar rock! – and their/ your energy and angst reminds me a bit of the Motors. Maybe they should find a keyboard player … the world is waiting for a good cover version of “Love and Loneliness”:


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