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October 22nd, 2013 |

That Bus Stop Issue

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Ron Oatham will be on BBC Essex tomorrow morning, talking about a certain bus stop….

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    Graham O:

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    The Mighty Oz:


    Nearly every proposed change I can think of is met with the usual war cry of “What about the old people”. Well what about everybody else ? what about the people stuck in traffic ? what about the increased pollution ? what about the damage to local businesses caused by delays ?

    How about we go back to pre-decimal currency, get rid of computers, abolish on-line banking etc etc, all of which, I seem to recall, will cause no end of problems for the “old people”, in fact its a wonder there are any left.

  3. 3

    Let’s hope he tells the truth–the problem is caused by the huge increase in traffic—this morning big traffic hold ups in hullbridgerd, rawreth lane–no buses in sight.

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    m woodhouse:

    I have to agree with Ron Oatham regarding the moving of the bus stop it may ease congestion slightly but more importantly I am appalled at the figure of 70k how on earth can that be justified.

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    The Mighty Oz:


    I ask you the same question as I have asked everybody else, what do you think is the root cause of the problem, too many people perhaps ?

    Not me of course, it’s all the OTHER people that are the problem.

    When are people on this site going to wake up and admit, they ARE the problem, just as much as me, you and everybody else. There are too many of us in a little space.

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    Its the increase in the traffic, at certain times only though, the traffic is much reduced during the daytime and I crossed at the crossing around 12noon and there were no cars at all having to stop for me, it was similar around 2pm very little traffic but it all goes manic for the rush hours traffic both in the morning and the evening rush. Traffic is held up more by cars turning into the Hambro Parade coming from Hullbridge and people crossing the road at the zebra than the buses. Thats 4 20s and 1 number 3 an hour, oh dear, 5 buses holding all that traffic up

    It does seem though that some people just want the bus stop moved. There was once planning permission for a bus shelter and even foundations being laid but then that was objected to.

    I have no objection to the bus stop being moved but will be upset that the number 3 which was fought for when the number 24 stopped wont be picking people up from the new stop.

    Going to the Downhall Road bus stop is out for a lot of people, yes the older folk in the community The Mighty Oz many of whom can no longer drive their cars we are all getting older, and it does come to everyone, well its up hill and very dangerous trying to cross over to the bus stop.

    I might also add that there are a lot of younger members of the community also catching buses.

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    Ron Oatham:

    Mighty oz –what delays? I monitored the time that buses spend at this stop. The longest wait was 55 seconds!!The real problem is the huge amounts of traffic using this junction.Oz will be old one day
    I urge the LHP to rethink this barmy proposal.

  8. 8

    Betty,every picture tells a story, just look at the photo heading this article. The sun is in the south and high in the sky so obviously about 1pm in mid summer. There is only one vehicle in the picture and that is heading away from the scene and finally from the elevation of the picture it was probably taken from the upper deck of a bus.

  9. 9

    Oz. You are out of order here. If we are to talk about past times let’s include the main problem that is a road infrastructure which dates back more than 100 the route from Rochford to Rawreth. The only improvement in all that time, being the construction of Cherry Orchard Way and Bradley Way to bypass the centre of Rochford. Also the only other major road improvements in the RDC area for many years now, were the A1245 and Websters Way which is a questionable one. All in all the combined length of these roads is no more than four and a half miles. I have quoted these facts to RDC Officers and Councillors many times through correspondence, West Area Committee meetings and in person at the first of the two Government Insector’s Hearings but each and every time they have been totally ignored.
    Oz, we cannot go back to to pre-decimal currency, get rid of computers, abolish on-line banking or even old people but neither can we progress to ‘levitating’ road transport to solve the problem. It will just go on & on & on & on etc. etc. etc.
    Perhaps you can come up with some constructive younger minded suggestion as I have in the past. Look back a couple of months in the archives if you want evidence.

    This is where the problem lies and not with buses or old people.

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    The Mighty Oz:

    I might already be old, I might even have a free bus pass.

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    m woodhouse:

    Agree problem is traffic using all the roads as rat runs not the buses, I would still like to know how they came up with the figure of 70k for a job a builder would do for around £8,000. Not a wonder councils have no money and are making cutbacks on needed services. Absolutely a crazy idea.

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    Jim Cripps:

    Once the RDC Core Plan is waved through by the ‘Inspector'(ie: mass housing additions (in Rayleigh & Hullbridge)
    the problem will be solved – because we will
    all have to walk everywhere due to gridlock.

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    How much has giving all the councillors iPad 4’s cost?

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    The Mighty Oz:


    Rush hour traffic is congested, in part, due to the location of the bus stop. That is exactly the time you are not using the buses….Anyway, we can debate this one until we are blue in the face but I, for one, fully support the relocation.

    Ron & Co

    As for too much traffic in the area, well you can move, vote for a government that stops encouraging people to have kids they can’t afford and / or stop immigration. Given that there is no chance whatsoever of the last two options happening then we just have to lump it don’t we.

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    Chris Black:

    M Woodhouse – as we said in our original post “There is £70,000 allocated in the budget for this (although the actual cost should be less)”. Even so, the cost of highways works often seems extraordinary…..

    Sean – good question regarding the iPads, I believe the cost is about £16,000 pounds. I was going to write about this sometime after I received mine tonight, but you can find the ICT report on this at

    It’s no great benefit for councillors, just improving security measures. At the moment councillors have individual email addresses and messages sent to those are auto-forwarded to our personal email addresses (like my own gmail email address). But that isn’t satisfactory any more,.
    and of course the ipads are strictly for use on council business only.

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    Christine Paine:

    There are however far cheaper tablets on the market than the ipad that would have done the job just as well. You can even set up e.mail accounts on the Kindle Fire at a cost of around £130 per tablet.

    I’m sure no member of the Council would dream of using their nice expensive new toy for anything other than Council business, but is browsing history, usage etc. going to be monitored on a random basis to ensure this is the case?

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    The MIghty Oz ( voice of truth ):

    M Woodhouse,

    Not sure what the term rat run actually means, do you mean roads that are for the use of tax paying motorists who’s cars are fully legal to use the highways ?


    You are wrong again I am afraid, the root cause of the problem is too many people living in a small space, no amount of road building is going to change that is it. When on earth are people around here going to get then one ? If you came home and found the bath overflowing what would you do, put down towels in the hope that the flooding magically stopped or turn off the tap ? Looking at the posts on this site most people would grab the towels.

    Is there anybody out there that can tell me otherwise ?

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    Chris Black:

    Christine, I’m not sure that cheaper tablets would be suitably secure but I do understand your scepticism. (And I think the rest of the Lib Dem group do as well). We didn’t take our ipads home tonight, so I would want to see how things work in practice before commenting too much. Also bear in mind that the ipads remain the property of RDC and have to be handed back should you cease to be a councillor. Incidentally “council business” does not include “updating onlinefocus”!

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    Christine Paine:

    Might Oz, I have to completely agree with you. Doesn’t matter what you do, quarts into pint pots don’t go no matter how much you try to bend the pot. The more people you cram into an area the more congestion you will get. New roads won’t solve the problem, they will just spread the congestion out a bit more. It is an accepted thing that traffic expands to fill the roads availabe to it. Somebody, somwehere has to tell Government, RDC, Essex County Council, whoever is in charge overall, that this particular corner of Essex is full, go find somewhere else.

  20. 20

    Oz,I am not wrong again. I have lived in the Rochford District for 46 years, 30 of them in Rawreth Lane. I have seen the building of every housing development on the south side of Rawreth Lane, including the one you live at, and have made official protests to RDC on the over development of the area and the number of incomers causing the overcrowding and congestion on our roads. GET YOUR FACT RIGHT OR KEEP QUIET.

  21. 21
    Brian Guyett:

    @Christine 19: I agree with your concerns. You may recall I asked through these columns, a couple of weeks ago, if Cllr Seagers could explain RDC highways policy – result a predictable silence. To be fair to Cllr Seagers, however, I have to say that neither of the coalition parties seem very keen to address this key issue – I wonder why?
    The only policy the council seems to have is to prioritise the “strategic” A127 & A130 meaning the current congestion problems will remain and worsen as more houses are built under the Core Strategy policy of scattering housing across the district, without regard to the economic disadvantages of lack of scale. The council has also studiously avoided undertaking the Traffic Assessment it promised for The Core Strategy; The Hockley AAP; The Rochford AAP; and the Rayleigh AAP. Anyone notice a trend here?
    And remember the ‘elephant in the room’. Southend conservatives have been desperate for years to get a bypass through our District. If our roads come to a standstill, that will hence their case. A new bypass would also entail significantly more housing to pay for it.
    Cllr Mason has already warned that yet more housing will be imposed on the district and RDC are to undertake a review of the Core Strategy in the near future. Campaign groups across the District should be prepared.

  22. 22
    The MIghty Oz:

    Greenbelt, don’t use shouty capitals, it makes you look very silly and rude and don’t tell me to be quiet either.

    I notice you still do not / will not talk about the problem of people that keep on having kids, just the usual blah blah blah issues of more houses, congestion and incomers. Why, are you one of the people that has directly contributed to the increase in population ? If so that makes you look a bit hypocritical doesn’t it, too many people, nothing to with me of course….if not then I take it back. Do tell….

  23. 23
    Christine Paine:

    This may sound pessimistic, and I suppose it actually is, but unless there is a massive change of policy from Central Government over planning, immigration, a whole raft of things, then I can see Rawreth as a village ceasing to exist and just being swallowed up in the urban sprawl that Rayleigh will become, All we hear is build build build, no thought for existing populations, the effects on them, how the infrastructure will cope, what is needed, where can it go. Everything is a short term fix it, no thoughts of beyond the current Parliament and what they need to do to win votes next time round. We aren’t alone in this, it’s happening all over the Country. Whilst I do think RDC should start to tell the Government we can’t take this amount of housing etc. they are between a rock and a hard place to a great extent, co-operate or have it forced on you. Not sure what happened to localism and the comments of communities being taken into account, obviously got submerged in the “housing for the greater good” argument. We can campaign, to an extent we can delay with objections, forcing things to public hearings possibly, that sort of thing, but we cannot stop this inexorable march of over development.

  24. 24

    Oz. My blood line family consists of one brother, one cousin, one daughter and one grandchild. Hardly affecting the increase in population I feel. What is your contribution?

  25. 25
    Corey Vost:

    It’s so sad to read that the comments on this forum are becoming as churlish as those frequently found on the Echo newspaper comments. Isn’t it time we, as a community came together with issues rather than throwing childish aspersions at one another?

  26. 26

    Thank you Corey.

  27. 27
    Michael Buzza:

    Agreed. From my brief time reading this forum (with the odd comment here and there), it is absolutely apparent that there is a core group of individuals that feel passionately about the environment we share. Appreciating we may have differing views on certain items, we all have a common interest. To maintain a nice place to live.

  28. 28

    Christine you are so right about Rawreth.With the amount of developement on our eastern boundary it will have no coherence with the parish.This was why we tried to get central “previously used land ” put onto the core strategy so saving some of the attractive green fields that are so easy for Countryside Properties to enhance their profits ,which of course makes our economy go round ! What connection has the two developement areas got with Rawreth ? Nothing will be the answer,so why not add them to Hullbridge and Rayleigh? That is the next question that will be asked . This is logical and will be the end of our community as we know it .So thank you so much RDC! By the way Oz ,I think you are a little disingenuous to Greenbelt as he has always looked at constructive solutions to the unavoidable problems of this overcrowded corner of Essex over many years .

  29. 29
    Christine Paine:

    It’s ironic when you think about it. Where we live has been in my husband’s family ever since it was built. His Grandparents moved here, out of London, because they wanted a better way of life, cleaner air, less congestion (yes, even in the early 1900s it seems that was a problem). When they moved here London Road was virtually a horse track. Eventually the Council put in the road,and compulsorily purchased several feet of garden from all the properties here to put in what pavement we have, that was I think in the late 50s early 60s. My husband’s mother was born here, as was his Uncle. His Aunt was about 3 when they moved out of London, they all loved it here, as did his father, and so do we. I hate the way RDC want to ruin this whole area and community. I know things have to change, I know some houses have to be built, but we don’t need to keep grabbing fields. I cannot understand why so much local opposition can be completely ignored by those elected to serve us – perhaps they have forgotten that they were elected to serve, not give orders, not to always feel they know best. I don’t know how long many of the existing RDC Councillors have served, but perhaps there is an argument for not being able to hold a seat beyond a fixed term so you don’t develop a “God complex”, which some of them do seem to suffer from. Comments on here and other sites, and in other media, do seem to suggest that we know nothing and they know everything.

    Sorry admin, this is completely off topic from bus stops, and I still don’t accept that £70,000 is good value for money as far as that is concerned.

  30. 30

    Thank you for your kind comments. Any other encouragement seems lacking at the moment!. I appreciate the support and understanding you have given to me and other members of our small community over many years. It is sad to be witnessing how detrimental future developments will be to our area, but as we have often stated, “Too little action before it was too late”.

  31. 31
    Christine Paine:

    Greenbelt, I knew about the proposed houses back when it was 1200 not 550 via the LibDem newsletter and Parish Magazine and sent in letters of protest. I don’t recall reading about it in Rochford Matters, and I can only think that so many people actually in Rayleigh were unaware because their Councillors didn’t bother keeping them up-dated the way ours did. Their Councillors of course were voting for the scheme whereas ours have always been against it. The proposed travellers site however came out of the blue, I certainly hadn’t heard about that before all the fuss started. I think there is a very good argument to be made here about lack of openess from RDC to the populations most affected.

  32. 32
    Colin Seagers:

    Brian Guyett re post #21
    Your recall of ‘a couple of weeks ago’ prior to your post #21 on 25th October does not appear to be supported by the nil such posts shown in responses to my searches’ results on this site for ‘brian guyett’ or ‘RDC highways policy’. Contrary to your statement, I do endeavour to respond whenever possible, but in this instance did not see your alleged question.
    However, to reply to your post #21 in this thread, there is no such policy simply because RDC is not a Highways authority, that duty falling to Essex County Council. The Essex County Highways policies, which are driven in part by the RDC Adopted Core Strategy as with other future local infrastructure needs, would be rather too complex and lengthy for me to explain on this website but I invite you to satiate your interest via the website link.

    Christine re post #31
    I thought any arguments were long ago settled regarding as to how many and by what means residents of the District were made aware of the RDC Core Strategy process and plans during the period 2006 to date, which I understand produced some 14000 responses in total. That hardly suggests residents were not informed via Rochford District Matters, the local press, and by RDC Councillors and Officers; but it would indicate that a far larger if silent majority of residents that did not respond were made aware, including re the proposed municipal traveller site.
    As regards the reported poor delivery of (only) the very latest Autumn edition of RDM by a brand new contractor, that matter was passed on by me to Cllr Cutmore, Leader of RDC, who has taken it up with the Chief Executive of RDC for fuller investigation.

  33. 33
    Christine Paine:

    Colin, I was referring specifically to the travellers site proposal in my post. I had seen nothing about it prior to being made aware at at an RAG public meeting, and neither had most other people. The housing yes, and I was one of the 14000 who responded, but not the travellers site. That was a bolt out of the blue to a lot of people.

  34. 34
    Chris Black:

    Christine – you are right. the 550 houses did receive more publicity.

    Though I remember a public meeting at the Grange a few years ago with about 160-200 people present (arranged by the Louis Drive Residents Association) when all the traveller options were discussed. We also mentioned the traveller options in a focus at about that time urging people to respond to the consultation.

  35. 35
    Colin Seagers:

    Sean re post #13
    Not ALL RDC Councillors received an iPad, I for one did not, as I was able to arrange for my RDC emails to be forwarded to my equally secure Essex CC Member’s email account as a ‘dual-hatted’ RDC Member.
    RDC was forced by government legislation to adopt a supposedly more secure means of providing Members with access to their email traffic, but it remains unclear to me how ANY effective email system can be made secure whatever system or interface is employed, without big brother’s privacy invading monitoring and inspection. (Most kind of Barack’s mates to provide that service for free!). Unless all outgoing email use is locked down and blocked i.e. replies(!), cc’ing, forwarding, content copying, printing etc. and thus indeed all outgoing information possibilities, it does appear to me that ultimately all security still relies upon every Member fully understanding and thereby fully complying with the lengthy and jargon riddled undertakings (government drafted) that they sign to permit their receipt and use of the RDC email system by whatever interface. Still, look on the bright side, it has doubtless kept a few civil service mandarins employed and occupied away from possibly even more damaging activities, albeit partly at the expense of RDC and its residents!

  36. 36
    Brian Guyett:

    Cllr Seagers, thank you for confirming that RDC do not have a highways policy, which is at least consistent with their avoiding the promised transport assessments for the Core Strategy; Hockley Area Action Plan (HAAP); RoAAP and RaAAP.
    We know from the RDC evidence base that RDC does support ECC Highways in prioritising the “strategic” A127 and A130.
    So neither RDC or ECC have any plans for improving our highways and it is self evident that RDC are happy to support scattered, relatively small, housing developments, with no economies of scale and with no prospect of highways improvements. Cllr Seagers, would you agree that the future for motorists in our district is bleak?

  37. 37
    Jim Cripps:

    Post 32 – so 14000 in 7 years accross the whole district, RAG achieved 5000+ (against) in just 4 weeks,in just part of Rayleigh -and we are amateurs without the RDC resources and budget (£2.1million on Core Strategy was it ?)……………….

  38. 38
    Colin Seagers:

    Brian Guyett
    Your fabrication and misrepresentation of fact is well demonstrated here by your comment regarding my post #32. You know full well that I have frequently made the point that other Authorities drive their future plans off the future development plans in the RDC Core Strategy, and that includes Essex County Highways. It will be extremely interesting to see how much support you receive from the regular participants on this site for your proposal for even larger blocks of development than those developments to which they generally already object so vehemently, or for concreting of very substantial additional areas of green belt to accommodate major new roads being driven through this District. As the recently elected Essex County Member for Rochford South Division, I have plainly stated my intention of pushing for improvements to our District’s many very old and thus inadequately constructed roads to cope with modern day volumes and weights of traffic but am cognisant of the inevitable budgetary constraints.

  39. 39
    Colin Seagers:

    Jim Cripps re post #37
    No, I do not suggest RAG are amateurs at publishing misleading and inaccurate information, as distinct from the honesty of RDC Members and Officers doing what is required in law and for the benefit of the whole District. The RDC Core Strategy requirements and costs were only those imposed by the complex processes set by central government throughout that period since 2006, and are to be compared with another nearby authority needing to budget £1.2M to fight just one judicial review, possibly only the first of more, and still rising Core Strategy costs because they failed in their task of putting in place an Adopted Core Strategy.
    By the way, how is your critique of the Inspector’s Report coming along?

  40. 40
    Christine Paine:

    Hate to admit it but Cllr. Seagers has a couple of very valid points. If we want up-dated roads then it is going to mean the sacrifice of more green belt to take them. Indeed it is hard to see how existing roads can be improved without actually demolishing properties to widen them. The roads all round the proposed new development area have housing built along them so cannot really be improved. Rather than build new roads surely it would be better to examine traffic patterns and bottleneck areas and see if anything can be done to improve those.
    For example, the traffic lights at the end of Rawreth Lane onto the dual carriageway – there is massive priority and a long green light there for the main road, which since the new A130 went in carries far less traffic, so reduce the green light for straight on traffic, increase the right and left turns into Rawreth Lane, and the green out of Rawreth Lane. Improve the traffic flow on the mini roundabout at Hambro end of Rawreth Lane – perhaps lights there would be better than the existing arrangement. I don’t pretend to be a traffic expert by any means but it seems to me there must be ways of engineering traffic flow to improve things for both now and the future.

  41. 41
    Brian Guyett:

    Cllr Seagers, my previous question was clearly and properly aimed at ascertaining council policy, so I am disappointed at your trying to distract from the facts through a personal attack. That said, I am glad you acknowledged the current problems.
    I do not agree that integrated housing and highways planning will lead to more concreting and costs – quite the opposite. Coordinated planning will reduce both and its a shame that RDC have not recognised this.
    If Cllr Mason’s warning of more housing being imposed on us is correct (and I think it is), then the pressures on our roads will increase and inevitably much of that pressure will fall on the Rayleigh/Rawreth ‘gateway’, regardless of the exact positioning of future housing. So I hope that regular participants will recognise the need for better, integrated forward planning.
    As you have raised your own views, can I ask you to clarify exactly where you stand on the issue of a potential bypass as periodically proposed by Southend councillors?

  42. 42

    As Corey said at 25, things are getting churlish here, can we cool things down a bit…

  43. 43
    Brian guyett:

    Attached is a summary of anticipated costs published by RDC as part of the Core Strategy process. It includes topics such as health, education and highways.

    The estimated costs for highways was produced in conjunction with ECC Highways and the relevant figures for the Rawreth/Hullbridge area are as follows:

    – Highway improvements to serve residential development North of London Road, Rayleigh £1.2m – 4m
    – Highway improvements to serve residential development in South West Hullbridge / Watery Lane / Rawreth Lane improvements £500k-2m
    – Highway improvements to serve residential development at Rawreth Industrial Estate £250k – 2m
    – Total Highways costs £1.95m – £8m

    There is unlikely to be any public monies to meet these costs and any highways improvements will have to be funded by developers, through a levy on the houses built. I believe that the latest published figure for housing in this area is about 1500 houses. This means RDC will need to levy between £1,300 and £5,200 for every house built just for highway changes..

    When planning applications are eventually submitted, the level of this charge will provide an indication of the likely scale of improvements.

  44. 44
    Jim Cripps:

    Cllr Seagers #39 –
    Key issue here is that it is ‘public’ money your spending ,and you would now doubt spend it
    fighting the public on a Judicial Review, democracy?.
    And our critique is coming along fine thank you, a very edited version of our thoughts was in the Echo
    on Friday (letters page).We have had some very useful legal advice and are advised to wait until the Inspector commits himself in the final report.
    Don’t worry we haven’t gone away and you will be very aware of us in due course – keep a lookout for our next Leaflet drop, this time further afield than West Rayleigh.
    Regards – JIM.

  45. 45
    Jim Cripps:

    Brian #43 –
    Be aware the conversion of Rawreth Ind Estate to housing has proven (by the Councils own consultant)to be unviable on costs. There is no Sponsor (Developer)
    interested so the Council have changed tack and are offering the existing businesses there a Honey Trap –
    the council will be changing factory status to residential status in order to coax them to sell up
    to Developers (fact per open letter from councillors Hudson & Cutmore)……………

  46. 46
    Brian Guyett:

    Thanks Jim, I wanted to show the original full picture so that I am not accused of misrepresenting the facts again.
    The attachment to my posting is not showing but can be found on an obscure RDC website at:
    Its worth a look as it paints a picture of RDC intentions.

  47. 47

    Huge variation in costs of highways improvements .I suspect even the highest cost of 8million will not be enough to sort out the existing congestion .It is not that many Bus stops at 70 ,000 apiece ! From the variation it looks as though ECC have not got a clue what to do ! Difference between £1.95 and £8 millions is astounding .

  48. 48
    Jim Cripps:

    Yep, the word ‘obscure’ sums up the RDC approach to public consultation in general and in particular to the Core Plan / Land Allocation. There are in fact reams of rules/requirements to be met by public bodies- we are looking into them in detail…….

  49. 49
    Brian Guyett:

    The Echo is reporting a 1,200 home village could be built behind the Blinking Owl cafe, off the A127. See

  50. 50

    It’s in castle point but obviously it would have a traffic impact for us here. For example the Rayleigh weir junction must surely be close to capacity now in the morning rush hour?

  51. 51
    Brian Guyett:

    Do you think they realise their neighbours will be a Travellers’ site?

  52. 52
    The Mighty Oz:


    Absolutely zero contribution with exception of one cat………

    Anyway, let’s call it a draw and move on, agreed ?

  53. 53
    Colin Seagers:

    Jim Cripps re your post #44
    I do not understand your post at all regarding spending public money, so I suggest you re-read my post #39 before you issue further comment malevolently alleging that I hold exactly the opposite view or intent of what I stated there.
    RDC has only spent what was required to undertake the complex and voluminous work necessary to provide its Adopted Core Strategy, required of it if IN LAW it is to avoid the very costly consequences now faced by other planning authorities still without one.
    For the umpteenth time it seems I must repeat,”No Adopted Core Strategy = Unlimited and Uncontrolled Green Belt Development with a financially extremely costly (and almost certainly ultimately losing) legal battle to stave off opportunist developers”.
    Not everyone can ever be pleased by every part of it, but accept and be thankful that RDC does have its Adopted Core Strategy in place.
    The vast majority of its specific site allocations are now also accepted by the Planning Inspectorate, with only relatively minor parts of that required to undergo further change and consultation.

  54. 54

    Oz, OK but please don’t make personal assumptions as a polite question usually results in a similar response.

  55. 55

    When you say the next leaflet drop – when was the last one implemented? We live in the Downhall Park Way area and have not received any leaflets in the past. We have been aware of, and objected to, the “proposed” development for some years. We also attended the “Road Shows” that RDC arranged and for us to have only lived in the area for just over 7 years find it amazing that the people of Rayleigh were unaware of the Core Strategy that had been implemented. We agree that Rawreth/Rayleigh should not have the amount of the new build imposed on it, but where were you all that you did not read the newspapers or follow the information advertised all those years ago?

  56. 56
    Jim Cripps:

    Colin – the Council might have cleared the in-tray by complying with remote Government instructions on quotas (Housing & Travellers) but it is a case of “never mind the quality- feel the width”. So spending a huge budget only to come up with –
    South of London Rd proposal – found unsound (not going to happen).
    Rawreth Ind Estate proposal – found unsound (not financially viable).
    550 Houses to be built on Green Belt (classified as Flood Plain ) with absolutely no Infrastructure capacity available.- obviously study money well spent there then!!!.
    Large mixed Traveller sites do not work – they don’t ‘mix’,, but iit is an easy fix for
    RDC because they will not be accountable (ECC will own & run the site not RDC.).
    And yes of course the (Government) Planning Inspectorate are compliant it itoo has
    to deliver (Government) set quotas – too many /too quickly , am I clear now?.

  57. 57
    Jim Cripps:

    No 55 above – Immediately prior to the Inspectors Hearing (10/09/13) , so August this year was a blanket leaflet drop (some 14000) – a massive task so we accept that coordination might well have missed small pockets. I myself delivered approx 200
    on the Downhall Park estate, but not every house..
    In answer to your awareness point , not everyone gets a copy of Rochford Matters either, and that is RDC’s main claim to consultation , the scale of the Core Plan aspects warranted a much bigger /more effective consultation effort – but did they really want to shout loud enough?.
    Because once formed we only had 4 weeks (not 7 years)and collected 5000+ on the petition and a 1000 attended the Mill Hall meeting – how many attended the RDC meeting you attended?.
    Hope that helps -JIM

  58. 58
    Brian Guyett:

    The list of failures goes on Jim (no 56). Take Hockley as an example.
    Ever since the initial consultation, residents repeatedly told RDC that their proposals were contrary to their own experts advice (Retail & Leisure Study 2008). Surprise, surprise the council ignored their own experts and residents. No surprise, the Inspector threw out RDC’s flagship proposals for a largish supermarket. So a missed opportunity with the council and residents both loosing out.
    Bad enough but it gets worse. The council’s Evidence Base shows that yet another of their experts, echoed the initial R&LS report and warned in 2012 that there is very limited potential in Hockley for supermarkets (large or small) and offices (and only recently the council voted to change existing officers into flats). I won’t ask anyone to guess what the council’s final plans are based on!
    So RDC regularly ignore their own experts as well as residents. Wasted costs and opportunity. We await the development of the Hockley Folly, which will no doubt be an edifice to council planning for years to come!

  59. 59
    Brian Guyett:

    Oophs, typo above – “officers” in the penultimate para should read “offices”. A Freudian slip?

  60. 60

    Thanks Jim, unfortunately we were unaware of your public meeting until it was too late otherwise we would have been there. I do not know how many attended the RDC Roadshows as they were around for most of the day on different days in different parts of the district but were a surprise to RDC by the numbers attending and the objections they received. With regard to Rochford Matters, I contacted RDC and they have very kindly sent a copy of the latest edition through the post. The next one is due to be distributed at the end of this month and I have been informed that if I do not receive a copy to contact them again as they are having problems with the company employed for distribution.

  61. 61
    The Might Oz:


    Rochford Matters is available on line to read.

  62. 62
    Cllr Colin Seagers:

    Further to reports and discussions on this thread and website regarding the poor delivery of the Rochford District Matters latest Autumn issue, I took the matter up with officers and gained the support of RDC Leader Terry Cutmore in taking the investigation further. You will doubtless be pleased to learn he has informed me that the contract of the new delivery firm involved has been cancelled due to its poor performance, and Royal Mail will again be handling the delivery of the Winter edition shortly.
    Many thanks to those who responded either here or direct to RDC notifying non-receipt of their Autumn RDM edition. Please be sure to notify RDC in the hopefully unlikely event that you do not receive your Winter copy of RDM, as I understand some especially important information will be included in it.

  63. 63

    Like you I requested a copy of Rochford District Matters and a reply email said that one had been dispatched by Royal Mail. Ten days later no RDM had been received so I email RDC again. Finally received it four days after the email was sent.

  64. 64
    Jim Cripps:

    Brian, No 58 above – and let’s not forget poor Hullbridge , they canvassed a 98 per cent rejection rate against 500 houses – apparently ignored by the Inspector and RDC. Everywhere you look is a question mark against where democracy has gone in this country – the Council elections in 2014 and National elections in 2015 are an opportunity, I hope the public make a point by voting for anyone other than the “3 main parties”.

  65. 65

    Re. my thread at 63. This turned out to be a fault of the Royal Mail and not an RDC employee. The envelope containing the RDM was delivered to my neighbour in error although it was correctly addressed to me. The problem was that my neighbour was on an extended holiday and did not return home until yesterday. I have sent a written apology to the person concerned at RDC.

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