And Then There Were Two

blue rosette

Rayleigh Councillor Dave Sperring has now quit the Conservative Group to become an Independent Conservative.

It’s fair to say that he still regards himself as a Tory, he has simply had enough of the way the Tory group is run on the District Council. So now there are two Independent Conservatives on the District Council Dave Sperring and Toby Mountain – – and we wait to see if they form a council group.


  1. Christine Paine

    All hail the revolution, long may it continue. Lets hope a few more decide to join them. Perhaps some of the comments of the electorate are finally getting through.

  2. Jim Cripps

    Yes , I offer the same message as I posted for Toby Mountain, another Councillor showing integrity -well done.

  3. richard lambourne

    Has anyone noticed that David Sperring has re-joined the consevative party and is now taking their Whip

    Strange !!!!


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