How To Report Potholes Online

Pothole in Leasway, Rayleigh

Pothole in Leasway, Rayleigh

Potholes are a County Council responsibility. You can always contact one of your councillors, but there are two ways of reporting potholes (or other highways defects online)

You can go to  and report it there, This has the advantage that other people can see that you’ve done it. The people at FixMyStreet will then forward it on to County Highways. This is a national website, so if you see a street problem anywhere in the country, they will forward it on to the appropriate department.

Or you can go directly to the County Council website and report it there. This has the advantage that you get a reference number for following it up if nothing happens.

Pothole in Leasway , Rayleigh

Pothole in Leasway , Rayleigh

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  1. bruce smart

    Where is the shoe?

  2. Greenbelt

    In Parliament today at PMQ’s the MP for Northhampton congratulated the government for granting £3.3 million to Northamptonshire County Council for the repair of pot holes in their county. Admin, are you able to quote the figure that ECC has recieved to carry out similar repairs?

    1. admin (Post author)

      Greenbelt… not offhand but will have a look…

  3. richard lambourne

    Essex got £4.4 million


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