No Extra Police , But More Local Policing

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From the Essex police website, the Chief Constable writes about a big decision – to switch from centralised policing to more local policing:

Having discussed this with Nick Alston, the Police and Crime Commissioner, I now want to share my plans with you.
To invest 500 officers in local policing I will align about 400 centrally controlled response officers to the local policing teams and make carefully considered reductions to our firearms, roads policing and public order capabilities.


Full article here.

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  1. Jim Cripps

    So, when the thousands of new houses are built throughout the County we will have less Police resource per capita plus – Fire Brigade / Hospitals / Support Services….. .

  2. The Mighty Oz

    Jim, this will not be a problem, once Farage is in Charge by Friday our troubles are over…

  3. The Mighty Oz

    Just seen Kamakazi Claggy on the BBC news, let’s hope he has a local job centre close by after Friday….but hey, maybe he could live in Spain with the In-Laws….


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