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ASDA have submitted an application – 14/00368/ADV for “Illuminated and Non-Illuminated Signage for Proposed Pick And Collect Canopy”. This application is delegated to council officers to decide- councillors don’t normally get involved. But if you have any comments, please let us know. You can view the application here.

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  1. Cjav

    I have checked and double checked this application and can not work out which sign is to be illuminated! Regardless, why does any sign need to be illuminated considering its proximity to the store which is already well illuminated.

    Further, there appears to be a sign which will stand proud of the brick wall, who is this for the benefit off? I am assuming it’ll be for the few houses opposite, so in short a repeat of the problems previously experienced with ASDA signage not being appropriate.

    Finally, this seems to be located in the position of 5 disabled parking bays (note that one document indicates a loss of 5 spaces and another a loss of 4), which seem to be relocated a considerable distance away from the store.

  2. Cjav

    I’ve had another look at this, and have found that all signage is illuminated – all four signs facing in each direction on a canopy. Why is signage required facing the store which is facing the footpath?

  3. admin (Post author)

    Thanks for your comments Cjav, we will have a closer look at this. Were you one of the households who received a letter from RDC regarding the application?

  4. Cjav

    No, we’ve received nothing from RDC on this application

  5. bruce smart

    Why is it needed? We know its there and for those who don’t its pretty obvious what it is.

  6. The Mighty Oz

    Remember what they did when the store was first built, put up the big signs anyway and then got retrospective permission.


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