How Many Readers Do We Get?

For anyone who wonders if anyone reads onlineFOCUS , here’s our daily figures for June – you can click on the image to enlarge it:

stats daily

This month we had between 114 and 255 visitors each day. The software we use defines a ‘visitor’ as someone who hasn’t look at the site in the previous 24 hours – in other words someone having a look 20 times a day counts as one visitor, not 20.

Here’s the monthly figures for the past year:


The stats  show that we get between 5000 and 7000 visitors in most months. That figure is a bit lower in December (probably due to Christmas)! The figure for June this year is about 1000 higher than for June 2013…


This post has already been read 110 times since Aug 2nd 2015


  1. Christine Paine

    I think that’s excellent. Goes to show that even if people don’t comment you are definitely acting as a valued information centre for what is going on in and around the area. Long may this web site flourish.

  2. Jim Cripps

    Let’s hope it prompts a big public attendance at tonight’s Council meeting – re: Saturday pm parking charges …..?


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