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February 26th, 2011 |

The Lights At The End Of The Week?

As Chris Black has mentioned in a comment, the new pedestrian crossing lights at the Rawreth Lane/ Downhall Park Way junction should be up and running in a few days.

So we are adding this post here as a suitable place for any comments on this subject, either now or in the future…..

74 Responses to “The Lights At The End Of The Week?”

  1. 1
    Rayleigh Resident:

    March 5th – still not finished and nobody working on it – and yet again queues of traffic. Just who is responsible for this whole sorry saga ?

  2. 2
    Chris Black:

    Its a County Council / County Highways matter -sadly beyond district councillors control.

    The phone number on the signs is (I think) 0845_6000_110

    Though when I joined the queue (by Priory Chase) today, I wondered if it wasn’t a highways matter at all, but maybe some kind of performance art, symbolising the futility of modern life :(

  3. 3

    I am sure if we pushed the lights out of the way, it will improve the traffic flow, there is still a light missing on the DPW pedestrain crossing. Early in the morning I have seen many instances of people chancing going through the red light. I have missed 2 trains through delays at these lights in the last week.Why is there 2 sets of lights at each point?. The 3rd train I missed was caused by the parking ticket machine at Rayleigh Station, machine at front of car park, not working, I was warned by person trying to use it. Machine 2 past the exit ramp not working, I had to run to the back of car park to get a ticket. I do not want to pay by mobile, although I think this is a ploy by Car Parking companies to get you to pay by phone, I dont think this has anything to do with the council, but really anoyed a 2 mile trip to the station can be such a problem.


  4. 4
    Chris Black:

    Geoff, I think you’re right that pushing them out of the way would increase traffic flow.

    Where did you park, the Station Approach Car park? And can you remember which day?

  5. 5

    Latest news is that the work will be finished by March 11th…

  6. 6

    Geoff, with you on this, they are the most pointless lights ever, they should have just have had 2 sequences, 1 for Rawreth Lane as there is easily enough room for 2 cars to pass and the other to let people out of Downhall Park Way.

  7. 7

    I hope you checked that they were aiming for March 11th 2011 not 2012!?!

    We will be delighted when this crossing is finished, it has caused traffic chaos and has taken such a long time with very little thought or planning of where the temporary traffic lights are placed and how they are sequenced! I’m hopeful that when finished it will make our walk to school much safer and hopefully will keep the traffic flowing?!

    Geoff we sympathise with your frustrations over car parking at the station and the journey there. My husband makes the same journey and tries to negotiate the traffic lights/traffic and then trying to find a parking machine that works (- he has to continually raid the kids piggy banks for the pound coins needed, no mean feat at £5.50 every day!!)Like you he prefers not to pay via mobile on a credit card with the credit card handling fee on top…..

  8. 8

    Just a thought…. has anyone tried using Battlesbridge instead?

  9. 9

    It is a little known secret that the few parking spaces at battlesbridge are not at this moment charged for but if use increases then they will start !!

  10. 10

    You have got to laugh really, do these contractors not have penalties for missing published deadlines?
    Also, instead of limiting the work to 9.30 – 3.30, most residents would have rather the works start and finish later, than to see this project take this unreasonable amount of time.
    Lets just hope when fully functional, the sequencing is back to normal, and that they dont try anything new!

  11. 11
    Rayleigh Resident:

    March 7th – nothing going on whatsoever – no workmen, nothing – it’s like Ground Hog Day. Fat chance of them meeting the 11th deadline if they are not even working on it.

  12. 12

    Hope they’re gone by the end of this week. Work is about to start on the new extension at Downhall school, and the rear gate from DPW will be closed next week, meaning a lot of extra traffic driving round to the front of the school.

  13. 13

    Thats a very good point ST1

    Maybe we need LOTS of phone calls to 0845_6000_110

  14. 14
    Trevor Parrett:

    It’s getting beyond a joke now!! They seem to have done about 5 hours work on these lights in the last week!!

  15. 15

    Tonight I turned right from DPW into Rawreth Lane heading for Hambro Hill direction, a red possible Fiesta came flying round from the other side of Rawreth through red light, I just managed to swerve out of the way, I had quite a queue of cars behind me, some of you may have heard all the horns going off, these lights will have to go, this happened 10 seconds with the light on Green in my direction.


  16. 16
    Trevor Parrett:

    BREAKING NEWS! 3pm and Roadworks are being cleared up in Rawreth Lane by the look of it!!

  17. 17

    Geoff – this sounds like the same regular occurence at the lights at Holy Trinity. Cars (ok – drivers) coming from the High Street treat the red light as an instruction to accelerate rather than stop. The other week I had a car go through the lights from the High Street behind me as I went through from Websters Way (I was the second car through as well). Is it maybe about time some research was carried out with a view to puttingin cameras that might actually do something useful?

  18. 18
    lyn hopkins:

    If it really actually happened this is probably due to the Chairman and Clerk of Rawreth Parish Council creating a stink with Highways, the Contractors and the Police yesterday morning.
    The Chairman was creeping along heading east towards Hullbridge and realised that those lights were stuck on red and therefore not “getting a turn”, with traffic backed up for almost a mile – at 9.15am.
    After persuading a driver to “go on the red” she got through and then telephoned Rawreth’s Clerk who promptly leapt into action telling the police etc that unless something was done immediately there would either be an accident or a good old punch up.

  19. 19
    DHPW resident:

    But after all those delays… The pedestrian Crossing is still not in use, the buttons are covered up by red bags stating “not in use” was is not in the contractors remit to actually test them and leave them in working order!!! how long will the bags stay in place, answers on a postcard please. Lets just hope when they get round to painting the yellow lines by the park entrance in Downhall Park Way they choose contractors that actually do a days work and don’t go round smoking a fag all day with their hoody pulled over their head so they can’t hear their work mates calling them!!!!! I bet you all spotted him too..

  20. 20
    Trevor Parrett:

    “Red Bag Removal Operatives” due on-site shortly I’m sure …

  21. 21

    How can we go on with this system of employing sundry contractors presumably on least cost basis with no reference to competence or value for money ? When the Council employed direct labour at least they were trained and supervised properly .There may have been standard jokes about council workers but mysteriously the work was done and to a far higher standard than the cowboys we have today .

  22. 22

    Trev yes totaly agree about the Holy Trinity, I always hold back now, just in case a pillock comes roaring through the lights. Its one of the 2 motoring mysteries in Rayleigh, the second is making the Travellers joy junction lights or a roundabout, a couple of years ago my daughter had an accident at this junction, I remember at the time everyone around saying theres always accidents at this junction, turning right into London Road in the rush hour is always an accident waiting to happen.

  23. 23

    Yes and another day on and still red bags over them – although in the dark you can see the red man beaming through!!! It also appears that the crossing was put in the wrong place too if you look at the new kerbs in place and black tarmac where the pavement was lowered in the incorrect place as well as the black splodges on the road. Is this perhaps the reason why it has taken so long to do what appears to be a relatively simple job???

  24. 24

    I agree with A Matthews. Unfortunately the trend for too long has been to think that private is always more efficient than public. If a private company can do the job cheaper than the council directly employing people and still make a reasonable profit then the difference has to be made up somehow. There will be times when the difference can be made up by a more efficient system otherwise it will have to come from the materials used, wages to workers or cutting corners.

  25. 25
    Cheryl Roe:

    Quite saddened by some of these comments actually. Your District/Town Cllr, Cllr Oatham has mentioned this crossing at almost every meeting I have been to and is in favour of it being there. As there was such a cry for this to happen I decided to speak to County Cllr Stephen Castle and through the Community Initiatives Fund at ECC Rayleigh Town Council were able to get a grant for this work to be carried out. Whatever party we represent clearly we can never do right.

  26. 26

    Cheryl I think you’re missing the points most people are making;

    1) Why did the whole operation take so long?
    2) Why were they 3 way temporary traffic lights when 2 way lights would have been sufficient and significantly reduced the delays.

    The reduction in traffic through Watery Lane, the old A130, the Carpenters Arms Roundabout and into London Rd since the new lights have been operational has been amazing.

  27. 27
    Trevor Parrett:

    Agreed – The crossing was needed and will be appreciated when they eventually get them working. The complaints are indeed about the way these works are planned (or not!) and executed.

  28. 28

    I am glad that the money was retrieved from CIF funds ,as we remember the origional funding was lost by Highways by not using it in the time limit .

  29. 29
    Cheryl Roe:

    Just an update for you all. Unfortunately a resident has sent in objections to this crossing. The crossing will not now be operational until issues raised have been discussed. County Cllr Steve Castle has now raised this with C C Norman Hume and will advise RTC as to the date that this crossing will be permissioned.

    Shame really after all the complaints various Cllrs received in respect of not having a crossing.

  30. 30

    Seems like something to discuss at West Area Committee !

  31. 31
    Rayleigh Resident:

    Cheryl: The resident has every right to object if they wish to, just because other people want a crossing it does not mean that others have to put up with it or it’s affect on their home.

  32. 32
    Cheryl Roe:

    Rayleigh Resident,

    Nobody is suggesting that they should not object however the I am pointing out the reason for the delay which seems to be the most popular comment regarding this matter. What you fail to realise is that I have been asked in the past by Chris Black to make comments on this site and that is exactly what I am doing although I would call it updating.

  33. 33

    How can we be at a point where the crossing is installed and NOW someone is objecting? Surely the horse has bolted already? What happens if the objection is upheld? Does the crossing get removed?

    Has anyone else noticed that the new light sequence still doesn’t seem to be right, or is it just me? It still doesn’t always sense when cars are there or not – wasn’t this one of the things they were supposed to fix?

  34. 34
    Rayleigh Resident:

    Cheryl: When you post: ” Unfortunately a resident has sent in objections to this crossing ” then it seems to me that you are making a judgement.
    Whatever the rights and wrongs of this one it’s symptomatic of a wider issue ( as highlighted by Chris a little while ago ) in that these popular ideas are great – as long as you are not affected by them.

  35. 35

    This isn’t a new issue, the traffic lights at the Asda junction were fully installed and then had to be changed afterwards, although the reason for that may not have been due to a resident’s complaint.

    I suppose you will always get a problem because no matter how detailed the planning documents are it is not always easy to visualise the finished product until you see it in the flesh. Also, I would think most people don’t take the time to check plans on the web or request copies to review prior to the work taking place.

    Haven’t noticed any particular issue with the phasing, although they do seem to change quite quickly, don’t know if the amber period is a little short. Judging by the traffic that seems to still come across when the light out of DPW has gone from red to amber, I was wondering if a little more warning was needed. Of course it could just be bad driving…..

  36. 36
    DHPW resident:

    Bryan have to agree, the light sequence doesn’t seem quite right, and yes ST1, the lights are changing quicker than they used too… although I am not a traffic light spotter normally!!!! As for the objections raised by a resident, have we any idea what their concerns are? like Rayleigh Resident said, it is very easy to judge if you are not directly affected! Are we able to know what the concerns are Cheryl? And out of interest were they raised at an early point in time, but like many planning decisions were over looked or over ruled!!!!!

    On a point mentioned by Bubble, I did wonder if the crossing had been installed in the incorrct place to start with.. Are the tarmac blobs in the road covering old “cats eyes” or wsa there an error?

  37. 37

    I’ve asked for more information on the objection to come to West
    Area Committee tonight….

  38. 38

    I noticed that there are only “press to cross” buttons covering the crossing at the end of DPW, there are no buttons if people want to cross Rawreth Lane. When the contractors repaired the stretch of pavement on the north side of Rawreth Lane I assumed this was because people may now walk to the lights to cross over, but when they get there, there is no button to press.

    Is this intentional?

  39. 39
    rawreth resident:

    I am not the person that complained, however I suspect the complaint may have been regarding noise pollution caused by the beep beep beep (for the blind) when the DWP lights are red for crossing. Many people in the houses surrounding the crossing have young families and the crossing beeping at all hours of the day & night would be a significant annoyance and disruption to sleep patterns.

    I also know little of traffic light spotting as the previous commenter; however my observation is the phasing this has changed slightly due to the junction having sensors in the ground now on all approaches to measure que depth rather than just car approach on DWP as before. I suspect the timing of the phasing is related to the amount of queuing traffic in Rawreth lane. (They are also LED or similar based illumination which gives the illusion of changing quicker as the light fade is quicker than traditional light sources.)

  40. 40
    Rawreth Lane Resident:

    As a resident of Rawreth Lane who lives Very close to the lights on Rawreth lane may I say that at no point before, during or after these lights being installed was I informed of what type of lights they would be or how they would work, or if I would be inconvenienced in anyway during the work. I can therefore sympathise that someone has objected to the lights as they probably, like me, have not been informed about them in anyway. But having witnessed someone being run over at the junction I have been behind a crossing being installed for a long time.

    Unfortunately I have found the length of time that it has taken very tenuous as on numerous occasions I have come out of my property to find I no longer had access to Rawreth Lane from my drive as i either had barriers or bollards outside preventing me from exiting my property. On one occassion I had the tarmac lorry parked outside my property for the whole of the day, this was during the half term and with two children who i needed to take out I was not very happy. Also the temporary lights where placed so that my house was in between the temporary lights on Rawreth and I did not infact come under the traffic light system at all so was never able to see when it was safe for me to pull out. I have taken many photos and will be submitting them together with my public perception feedback form to David Hayward Rayner (email tel: 01245 245187)

  41. 41
    Cheryl Roe:

    We will all have to wait a little longer now as at the Area meeting tonight Cllr Oatham asked Highways when we are likely to see the crossing in operation. There is now some street light issues also, so who only knows when this crossing will be in operation. I have since spoken to County Cllr Stephen Castle who has told me that the complaint is being addressed and that the lighting situation is being looked at by Cllr Norman Hume. Rawreth Lane Resident I was under the impression that your Ward Cllrs were speaking to residents about this crossing I guess you need to contact them too if you have not already.

  42. 42
    Trevor Parrett:

    There was a lot of information for months ahead of this installation around, plus the signage on site indicating the lights were being installed, so I agree that any objections should be made and dealt with ahead of the installation!

  43. 43

    Has anyone seen the filter light work as you turn from the eastbound Rawreth Lane into Downhall Park Way? I don’t recall ever seeing it come on when I’ve waited at the traffic lights, and was wondering if it was working.

  44. 44
    Chris Black:

    I’m very glad you mentioned this – I was turning right from Rawreth Lane today into DHPW and couldn’t work out what had happened to the filter light….

  45. 45

    Having been through this junction a few more times, I think the sensors for the right turn filter lamp are currently incorrectly set to turn the lights in Rawreth Lane to red both ways, and the light out of DPW to green – basically the sensor buried in the road where cars wait to turn into DPW is doing the same job as the sensors in the road at the end of DPW.

    May explain why the timing for the lights changing seems too short if the wrong lights are turning green when actually only the filter light should be switched on.

  46. 46
    Rawreth Lane Resident:

    So two months after all the disruption of having the juntion dug up the Rawreth lane/DPW junction is once again being dug up for resurfacing. How much more disruption are we expected to cope with?

  47. 47

    Wasn’t this stretch of Rawreth Lane resurfaced ony a few years back? I know they only did certain stretches, but I thought this was one of them.

    When I checked on line to see what the notices were about, the website said the road works were for BT to carry out work, so was suprised to find the road surface scraped off this morning.

    I noticed that they’c dug up the pavement by the traffic lights again, will they be commissioned soon? Will they fix the filter light?

  48. 48
    Trevor P.:

    Another late night meeting in the pub for the planners – Hic !!

  49. 49
    Canterbury Close Residen t:

    Just driven home and noticed that, along with the strange orange road markings, we now appear to have some signs pained on the road to state “No parking on road from 28th September onwards” Looks like the road is getting a new surface. Will those yellow lines be going in too?


  50. 50
    Chris Black:

    I don’t know – but I will find out!

  51. 51

    Seems strange that they are resurfacing this section of DPW. There have been a few areas where road works Have resulted in patches/repairs, but generally the road surface is pretty good. I did wonder if it was a ploy to clear the road in advance of yellow line painting, but don’t know if any consultation was required first.

    I’m not sure if the filter light has been fixed yet, the council contractor told me it would be repaired in August or September this year. There were some engineers working on the lights the other week, but I still don’t think the filter light is working. I just wonder if resurfacing is wise if the filter light induction loops need repairing/replacing.

  52. 52
    Rayleigh Resident:

    I was also puzzled so I contacted the Highways Dept, parts of Downhall Park Way are going to be resurfaced. This is being termed remedial work not actually repair work to avoid problems in the future.

    I really hope that the new surface is “proper” tarmac and not a tar layer with small stones on top. They are an absolute nightmare and make such a mess that takes ages to clear.

    Personally I can think of far worse roads than DPW, seems a waste of money to me.

  53. 53
    Canterbury Close Resident:

    What an absolute pleasure to drive in and out of DPW today without having to negotiate a myriad of inconsiderably parked vehicles! It appears that some
    residents have found that they indeed do have driveways and garages!!!


  54. 54

    I’m a bit surprised that the work is being done, though a pedestrian had a fall here in the summer. Yellow lines seem 6-12 months or more away.

  55. 55
    Rayleigh Resident:

    Admin – sorry – can’t see what one fall has to do with it, hardly a reason for the expense of resurfacing the road.

  56. 56

    Sorry RR I should have phrased what I wrote more carefully. Maybe this makes more sense:

    I’m a bit surprised that the work is being done. I’ve only had one complaint about DPW, though that was a serious one, after a pedestrian had a very nasty fall, and the last time I checked Essex County Council hadn’t even acknowledged the incident.

  57. 57
    Canterbury Close Resident:

    The resurfacing works were delayed and that meant that a few cars strayed back and the owners forgot to remove them – despite foot high markings on the road telling them to do so! 20mph supposedly in force due to loose chippings however the local boy racers do not seem to think this applies to them!

    Any news on the markings – it would seem wholly sensible to put them in when the while lines are being re-marked surely?


  58. 58
    Chris Black:

    Re the yellow lines – hopefully by December, but consultations have to be carried out and nothing is certain!

  59. 59
    Canterbury Close Residen t:

    I see planning notices posted on lamp posts in DPW. Is it possible to view the applications online? It is impossible to park safely along that stretch of road so that I can read the notice. I am assuming they are the consultations on the lines?


  60. 60
    Rayleigh Resident:

    CCR – no – it’s gone from one extreme to the other. The notices are about putting No Waiting Zones into effect around the bend extending into DPW for a number of metres either way ( I can’t remember the exact distances ). This may cure the problem of people parking on the bend and opp Salisbury Close but how long before people start to complain about the usual idiots living on the estate speeding around the bend near to the playground. This will all end in tears…..

    However I must say, Canterbury Close is only a short walk to the park entrance, why drive to read them. no wonder we have such conjestion on the roads.

  61. 61
    Canterbury Close Residen t:

    Thanks Rayleigh Resident.

    No way would I consider driving round just to read the notices, although you are not aware if I have any personal circumstances that might prevent me walking!! However, I meant that, when passing on the way out of or back onto the estate, I have not been able to pull over safely to take a peep at the notices as I was passing!.


  62. 62

    I find the description of the proposed area of lining difficult to picture, I guess it is written in council speak rather than plain English. However I think yellow lines are needed by the traffic lights as well. I also hope the new lines cover the area around Lincoln as well, as this is often an area of hazard as well.

  63. 63

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but since the snow has cleared it is becoming quite apparent that the new road surface that was recently laid in Downhall Park Way is beginning to break-up. In patches it is clear that the chippings have not stuck (opposite Lincoln Way is a prime example), and all along the centre of the road where the two halves of the surface join there seems to be missing chippings.

    There have always been lots of loose chippings, particularly where cars are always parked, but since the snow covering there seems to be more. Under the tree on the corner of Bristol Close it looks like a cat litter tray.

  64. 64

    ST1 – no problem with resurrecting an old thread ! When the work was done, I asked County Highways how they viewed the quality of the work, but only got a holding response. I have asked again…

  65. 65

    I have an answer. The original contractor will be doing some ‘localised repairs’ in the summer ….

  66. 66

    Chris, thanks for your follow-up on my comments.

    Having thought about this, I wonder if the council should insist on the job being completely re-done, rather than settling for localised repairs. It may sound harsh, but we were told that the new surface was a preventative measure to prevent the original surface from breaking up and needing repairs. Now we have paid for a new surface, and that will now be repaired anyway. As we know repairs and patches are weak points that tend to break down prematurely.

    I can’t help thinking we’ve received a poor job for the taxpayer and are being fobbed off.

    The poor finish is not just the patches where the chippings have come loose, there are also fine cracks in some locations.

  67. 67

    On the subject of this stretch of road, the locations for the yellow lines have been marked out for a few weeks now, so should be painted some time soon. Sadly they missed the bottle neck around Lincoln.

  68. 68
    Canterbury Close Resident:

    They have indeed been painted this morning. Interesting to note that the white van who is the normal culprit obstructing the exit from Salisbury Close, has had the lines painted around him! I assume they will be back to fill in this space asap?

    Also has anyone else noticed the two blue parked cars at the top of DPW – both have rear end damage and are empty of any possessions. The turquoise one has been there since before the snow in early Feb and the darker one has been there for at least a month. They appear to be dumped. Have any residents of that end of DWP reported them to the police or authorities?


  69. 69
    Rayleigh Resident:

    CCR – I see that one of the main culprits for “bend parking” has parked his car on the unpainted bit that the white van was on !!!

    Re: The old bangers parked at the top of the road, they are both taxed and locked although it’s probably worth noting the numbers and dropping the local police a line via their web site.

  70. 70

    They have both been reported them to the council, but as they are both taxed and are not illegally parked, there is nothing that can be done about them.

  71. 71
    Canterbury Close Resident:

    RR – shame that the parking culprit could not park properly to fit his car into the space left by the van! Let’s see what happens with the parking and if
    anyone is issued with penalty notices for parking there? I did wonder where all the cars had disappeared too last night too – you don’t think people
    are actually remembering that they indeed to have a driveway or garage they could use!!!!

    Shame the line could not have been continued just a few metres more up to the junction though – no doubt some cars will take full advantage of this and as those that park outside the properties on the other side of the road, who also have garages etc, now seem to park further down towards Salisbury Close junction. Massive improvement so far though. Well done to all involved with the lines issue!!

    Thanks for update on dumped cars. If the Police are aware I assume they have been checked against the stolen cars list?


  72. 72
    Canterbury Close Resident:

    Noticed that the missing bit of the yellow lines has been filled in today!
    Also noticed that the parking problem seems to have, unfortunately, moved up the road towards the junction. This is exacerbated by the two dumped cars mentioned above.


  73. 73
    Canterbury Close Resident:

    The two dumped cars have been removed as of this morning.

  74. 74
    Canterbury Close Resident:

    Do we know who is to enforce the parking restrictions? I have noticed parkers creeping back onto the lines!

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There's lots of information on the District Council website about the planning application "North of London Road ". To see it , just click here.

The Core Strategy

This is the official master document for planning policy in our district! To download it, click here click here. (2.5mb)

Planning Applications…

If you want information on a particular planning application, you can find it on the District Council website here.

If you want to know what new planning applications have been submitted this week, click here.

Reporting A Problem

If you want to report a problem, you can email Lib Dems councillors by clicking here.
There's also an independent website called FixMyStreet. It's very good for reporting minor street problems like holes in the road, grafitti or failed streetlights. You can find FixMyStreet here.

Food Hygiene Ratings

To find the food hygiene rating for eating places and other businesses in our district , click here.

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Non-Political Stuff

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Planning Issues

Join Your Local Team

If you read onlineFOCUS for a while you can see the kind of things we are trying to achieve locally. Maybe you would like to help us?

If you fancy helping us deliver leaflets, or actively campaigning for us at election time, or simply just helping behind the scenes with paperwork, please contact the onlineFOCUS team here.

“Rayleigh was the birthplace of Britain’s first surviving quintuplets, but that’s just one of its many claims to fame”

When the Olympic Torch came to Rayleigh, Chris Black wrote about the town in the Guardian - read it here

Join the National Team

If you would like email updates on what the Lib Dems are doing nationally, click here.
If you would like to join the Lib Dems click here.